Sunday, December 18, 2005

A year rolled by...

I was a very reluctant writer then. I never understood why I should publish my writings in a public forum, or anywhere. Like most of my indulgence in most art forms, I considered writing to be an expression which I would like to share only with people I knew. And then, where is the ink and paper? I had created and destroyed about 5 blogs/online-journals and then on the 25th of Dec. 2004 I created another one. I chose the URL Under the reins of an unknown conspiracy, the URL turned out to be available. There has never been a site where my first choice of username (while signing on) was accepted. I raised an eyebrow at the screen and wondered why was I being invited so eagerly. Why were the doors of blogging being thrown open so widely? I still do not know the entire purport of that day's sequence of events and screens...

I wrote my first post with nearly no hope of ever finding a reader for this blog. Come on, think about it. Several thousands of blogs with wonderful content and then mine, with its own genre... what were my chances? I figured none. And I didn't believe in asking people to come over to read my blog. My first post actually reflected that mindset; I even disabled comments on it!! :-D
My first commenter and friend on this blog is Meera. An amazing writer and a very good friend! :-) Thereafter, I assumed it would only be her comments that I would receive. Time proved me wrong again.

My take on writing is similar to my take on any expressed form of art: It is not done by the person. I do not believe that art can belong to a person. A writer but holds the pen and lets it move of its own will. A song is best when it leaves the sweet tip of a singer's tongue. Dance is best when the person is forgotten. A painting is beautiful when the image picks her own palette. This blog, as I have often held, is not mine. It contains several pieces of written work but that is it...

What I never expected to happen (due to this blog) were the wonderful relationships that I have made/found. I wouldn't like to name them as I value their privacy. This blog has given me some of the finest, deepest, truest relationships that I could have ever imagined. Thank you!

In short, in one year (which is really not that short) this blog has given me a lot more than I could have ever asked for. I would like to celebrate this day on the 24th of Dec. 2005 (16:00 hrs on till it still appears sensible to be there!). I would be more than happy to have you around, so feel free to drop by and we could get to chat and talk about all the fantastic things in this world (beverages and "solids" on me). I thought that the Cafe Coffee Day in Ispahani Centre (Nungambakkam, opposite Landmark) would be just right. 25th also happens to be the day when one of my schools (Vidya Mandir, Mylapore) celebrate their Golden Jubilee. A weekend of celebrating, indeed. :-)

I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have shared this one year (to varying extents and varying impacts) with me. It wouldn't have been so enjoyable without you. I mean it.

I would like to share with you a few of my posts which interested many people and/or interested me and/or are special to me for a personal reason. Each link opens in a new page.

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  1. hi....nice entry....
    ya.....anyway there will be readers....

  2. First time here.. will be back.. congrats on your blog anniversary.. :)

  3. Congratulations!! And man am I going to miss out on next weekend!!! Next time you think of an event of this potent (ahem) do let us know in advance buddy!! :P

  4. Congratulations! I hope year two turns out to be really great!

  5. Congratulations!!

    There is a long way to go.

  6. Wonder y u've chosen this pic for this blog?!

  7. I agree with Xena. You shud consider changing the pic.
    Am I too weirdnp?

  8. Dear H,
    Thanks. I suppose you are right.

    Dear P,
    Welcome to this blog. Do drop by when you will... :-)

    Dear S,
    How much more in advance? :-o This is nearly a week in advance! Btw, Thanks!

    Dear E,
    Thank you. Hope so too.

    Dear X,
    Thank you. I suppose there is... And why did I choose these two pictures? Hmmm :-)

  9. Dear N,
    I think we were commenting at the same time. I don't think Xena was asking me to change it. She was merely wondering why. There is a reason why the pictures were chosen. What is weirdnp?

  10. Congratulations dude! It is coincidental that while typing my comment on urs, I see your comment on my blog :)

    So how are things otherwise?!

  11. @Eroteme: Congratulations!

    "My take on writing is similar to my take on any expressed form of art: It is not done by the person. I do not believe that art can belong to a person. A writer but holds the pen and lets it move of its own will. A song is best when it leaves the sweet tip of a singer's tongue. Dance is best when the person is forgotten. A painting is beautiful when the image picks her own palette. This blog, as I have often held, is not mine. It contains several pieces of written work but that is it..."

    Amazingly honest observation!- I don't know whether all creative people feel this way about their creations, or are so overwhelmed by the part they play in the act of creating, that they are convinced that they are actual creators, and not just conduits to the flowing rivers of inspiration from Elsewhere...

    "..Thought leaned on a Vision beyond thought
    And shaped a world from the Unthinkable.
    ..His being stretched beyond the sight of Thought.
    For the spirit is eternal and unmade
    And not by thinking was its greatness born,
    And not by thinking can its knowledge come.
    It knows itself and in itself it lives,
    It moves where no thought is nor any form.
    Its feet are steadied upon finite things,
    Its wings can dare to cross the Infinite."

    Have a very happy and a wonderful New Year! - auguring a greater Dawn of abundant and beautiful Creativity, delighting each and every visitor of your unique blog!

  12. week is short notice for outstation guys buddy!! :(

  13. i somehow disagree with your concept about writing...i think a piece of writing is the writer's baby...there's something that belongs to the writer...maybe the way words are used..perspective...
    anyways, happy anniversary!
    looking forward to many wonderful journeys with u, ur ideas, ur poems.

  14. Dear DV,
    Thanks. Things are fine as of now... :-)

    Dear P,
    Thank you very much! :-)

    Dear SCS,
    Shall bear that in mind... :-)

    Dear N,
    I am not sure whether you have had the experience of writing without consciously writing... It is something that many artists have felt. The world would still associate the work with the artist, but the artist knows how little her/his role has been. It is difficult to explain, and to explain would imply that I am fully aware of the state... I shall refrain. But do find time to speak to an artist who is extremely passionate about their art. Ask them how they feel when they are performing (writing, singing, painting, spinning the potter's wheel, etc.).

    Have you tried watching the floaters in your eye? Do you realise that they float because you consciously try to keep them stationary. They seem to keep moving down down and away. Try not to hold them. Look at them and through them, but still at them...

  15. Congrats!! I tipped into ur blog relatively later, but hv enjoyed every word and every post. Thank u!

  16. Hi,

    First time here. Was directed here from a post on Parvati's blog. Congrats on completing 1 yr of (what seems to be..from the couple of posts I skimmed thro') excellent writing.

    Oh, I'm also an alum of VMM (2005 batch), so see you at the open bar perhaps? :)

  17. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Congratulations !!.. On your 1st blog anniversary ... Good Luck ........(KAR)

  18. Anonymous11:35 PM

    to say 'congratulations' seems lacking, when you have only just, 'cheers' to a new year filled with new ideas.

  19. Dear B,
    Thank you. Glad you liked them... :-)

    Dear A,
    I checked this comment a little too late. I hope you had come for the VM celebration. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thank you. Glad you found few posts good enough.

    Dear Anon-Kar,
    Thanks! :-D

    Dear Anon,
    I agree with you. More than being an achievment, I suppose this has been a wonderful journey. Will carry your cheers along. :-)