Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kids... so adorable

This was the cutest thing I caught on camera. This little kid was trying to open this heavy door and wasn't able to do. She somehow managed to open it a bit and then this man walked through it, so she had to let go and move fast enough to get through. She let go and the door swiveled back and she caught it and was pulled along (notice her feet sliding)!! :-))
They sure are the sweetest specie created by god!!

Then I asked her, "Sweetie, do you want me to open the door for you?"
She gave one look at the door and then at me and nodded her head.
Once I opened it wide enough for a dozen people (no point making them feel small and puny) she entered the cafe and turned around, gave me a toothy grin and said, "Thank you uncle!" with her head tilting to the right as if trying to press the words down and compacting them for me to carry in my pocket... or my heart!


  1. Cute little story!

  2. sho shweet... nice post "uncle"! ;)

  3. :) sweet kid...sweet post..:)

  4. Hey Mr. G,
    Seen you before on Anu's and Amrita's blog. Welcome! This ain't no story!! This is fuh real!

    Hi m.
    Yeah yeah yeah, laugh away tortoise!!! ;-)

    Hi A,
    Why you calling me a kid? :-o

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    hey eroteme...absolutely...!!! none like kids..we were all them once eh!

  6. *snap! withdraws head muttering nasty nothings*

  7. ...compacting them for me to carry in my pocket... or my heart!

    u sure do have a way with words!! :)

    nice pic btw!

  8. Hey M,
    Been a long time since I heard from you. Rare to find a comment from you ;-) Thanks. Yeah! true. Some of us still prefer continuing to be kids and refuse to grow up!!

    Dear m.

    Dearest X,
    Been such a long time since I heard from you. How are you? Glad you like the pic. Kids sure have a way of bringing the best in one... :-)

  9. a really sweet and nice anecdote! :-) u were lucky enuf to freeze the moment, and show it here, er!!

  10. Hi R,
    Come on! You for one should know how I am with the camera!! ;-)

  11. Wow!! you seem to be a great appreciator of the things happening around.

    Well dropped into your blog through the blog-o-sphere.


  12. Anonymous6:56 PM

    You are making good job!
    Keep up the super articles!

  13. Thanks Vamsi! Its tough not to notice such sweethearts! :-)

    Dear Anon,
    Thanks! :-|

  14. That was cuuute! and real sweet post...

  15. i just cant resist from saying "nice post, uncle!" :D

  16. Dear S,
    Thanks! Cute aren't they?

    Dear W,
    Et tu? :-(

    Dear J,