Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bombay City

Every day I realise why I love that city more than any other city in the world that I have seen. That city has the spirit and the zest to live, come what may and I love how Uma captures the spirit of the city. I rely a lot on her blog for what is happening in Bombay. Her posts about the recent rains and the devastation moved me and at the same time made me feel proud to be associated (for the longest times in my life) with a city as beautiful as Bombay. This is the only city where the slums can be beautiful.
The last week saw me make frantic calls to my friends in Bombay. Most of them I could not reach till the weekend. It felt nice to know that they were all unaffected, but none of them spent more than 20-30 seconds talking about themselves. They were talking about what they were planning to do to help their servants' families and the houses/shops in the nearby areas. That's the spirit, guys, that's the spirit. That's Bombay City.
I should be there in Bombay next week and I hope I still have the chance to do something out there.

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  1. lots of blogs on Bombay suddenly :)
    I did not get ur doc :(

  2. Yeah! Lots of things happening in Bombay (suddenly). :-)

    I sent the mail to the email address that comes along with your comment. How come it never reaches you? :-o

  3. thanks for linking, eroteme.