Thursday, February 23, 2006


Isn't dusk the blood day bleeds, giving birth to a soothing night?


She wrapped her fingers around him where he creased, thus creating a smooth silhouette...

Small games

We played "20 Questions" in order to answer her real one: Do you love me?

Friday, February 17, 2006


I have been trying very hard to recall this one, and I hope I have done justice to it.

Waqt kho diya humne, uski yaad mein,
Ek waqt tha, jab sirf dil luta karthe the.
Zindagi guzregi, uske naam lene mein,
Ek zamaana tha, yoonhi aanh barthe the.

I have lost a while in her memory
There was once, when all I lost was my heart.
Life shall be spent in mouthing her name
Not long ago, I would merely sigh thus.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


He walked like everyone did and spoke like most should.
He smiled quite honestly and sang without any falsehood.

He rose to leave and enter the world with all its display.
He calmly clambered on, rebuked for his nude entree.

Why are you kind? Why are you just? Why are you so singular?
He heard and wondered with them, for he knew not the answer.

He asked that one and then another to help him live a life.
Where people wondered less and teased him not in his strife.

He doned the mantle of a sage and kept his eyes half shut,
And half the world he saw thus, to the other he was a bigot.

He draped himself in an artist's dream and beauty he beheld in all,
Painted he, and sang he, and laugh did they in his 'poverished fall.

So a merchant he became and ride did he, the many tumultuous seas,
A jade out here, a diamond there, myriad gold shackles for his knees.

A scholar shall you be, for respected they are who knows the worth-
Of written words with little truth or relevance to men on this earth.

And thus lived Arthuran, who wore their garbs, many hued,
At dusk he walked back home, more enlightened and nude.

A Zen Koan

"Master!" cried the little Raidon.
His Master looked at the little boy as he ran up to him faster than the fumes that rose from his tea. Even the Master's tea knew patience. He smiled and returned to sipping his light jasmine tea.
"Master, I know a teaching of yours that is wrong." The blood splashed around in that beautiful pale vase which panted and sweated in the early summer heat. The Master pursed his lips to contain the warmth of the tea and his amusement at how early Raidon found enough tricks to annul the wisdom of the ancient sages.
"Really Raidon? You must be very quick! What is it?"
"You said that the path of Nature is the ultimate. You said that we must learn from the ways of the elements and become like them."
"Become like them, Raidon? I think I said imbibe their Truth."
"Yes, something like that" Raidon said hastily in order to proceed with his latest find.
"Hmmm. Do go on." The Master was smiling as the flavour of jasmine was perfectly brewed with the earthy tones of the water. He always preferred to fetch water from the Suki lake for his tea.
"That teaching of yours is incorrect."
"None of the teachings are mine, dear."
"I mean what you called the wisdom of the ancient sages - that teaching is wrong."
"Hmmm. This is a serious allegation you make. Pray, tell me how you wish to prove them wrong."
"The elements are foolish. They do not know anything and do not decide. They are without life and without faculties of discernment. They are stupid and hence do nothing to set an example of life or living."
"And why should that be against your taste?"
"If I were water flowing down like a river, I would not give water to the bad men, like thieves and murderers and the like. If I were the wind I would not let evil men breathe."
"To give to all what you give to the One is wrong?"
"Absolutely. How can you treat everyone alike? It seems like a stupid way to live."
"And it would be fine for the river to have favourites amongst the men and women who bend to fill their pitchers?"
"If you were one of them, it is."
Raidon looked down at his feet, for he was surprised as to what kept him standing after that statement from his Master.
"Raidon, fire burns all and by doing that it is. The water that flows, is. The air that is a breeze of silk, is. The mountains that stand tall, are. They continue to be what they are no matter how many times the world changes. The elements aren't irresponsible in their demeanour. They simply are."
And he smiled at the pot which had cooled his tea. Cool jasmine tea had its own flavour.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another celebration

Hi guys,
Another round of celebrations on at our magazine site!!! Click on the fireworks below.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Time well spent...

I would like to share with you the joy that is the latest release of Alvibest. It has been a very joyous time when the Editorial Board worked on each of the submissions and debated like life depended on it!! :-D

The experience, the product, the hours spent with a virtual blue pencil, the commitments in our individual lives... blissful.

For those who wondered whether Eroteme would ever fail to put things to words, your prayer has been answered... I am genuinely at loss for words. It was a truly Alvibest experience.