Thursday, February 23, 2006


Isn't dusk the blood day bleeds, giving birth to a soothing night?


  1. is dawn the blood night bleeds giving birth to a rambunctious day?
    Most often than not, nothing much is soothing about night or day in themselves.
    Peace or Conflict - all is inside our own selves...

  2. loved this series of posts

  3. As the darkened dusk washes the tangerine flare
    twilight quivers all over
    crispy lights of the sky unfold
    flames of moon-enchanted hover
    over the mead
    my heart n soul burning pinions
    sleep unknown
    in thy dark dominions
    mind all-blown
    a blitz of blithe
    heart glows burning,
    a lure lithe
    martian blaze in a dream returning

    ---one old post of mine in my blog..
    just remembered this when i saw your post
    the pic is just awesome

  4. that was a really beautiful pic, i was reminded about one of keats' odes where the sepulchral night gives way into a new dawn. great thought dear E.

  5. lovely pic .. really bleeding ..

  6. time for a new post :)

  7. Dear P,
    very true... :-)

    Dear B,
    glad you did!

    Dear S,
    Nice one. Thanks for sharing it with us. Glad you liked the picture.

    Dear A,
    Thank you! :-)

    Dear P,
    Glad you liked the pictures.

    Dear N,
    Bleeding, eh? :-)

    Dear S,
    How many more shall I give ye!!? :-o