Saturday, February 04, 2006

Time well spent...

I would like to share with you the joy that is the latest release of Alvibest. It has been a very joyous time when the Editorial Board worked on each of the submissions and debated like life depended on it!! :-D

The experience, the product, the hours spent with a virtual blue pencil, the commitments in our individual lives... blissful.

For those who wondered whether Eroteme would ever fail to put things to words, your prayer has been answered... I am genuinely at loss for words. It was a truly Alvibest experience.


  1. Reading it too was a truly Alvibest experience! Thank you, Editorial Board and the rest of the contributors too...

    Not to forget -

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    The open palm. His endless gaze and textured depth.

    A beautiful photograph.

  3. hmm...i have read very little of alvibest, but theday i read some works in it, i was pretty sure that the readers would definitely applaud the magazine just as i did. congrats for keeping up ur efforts as far as alvibest is concerned. my best wishes for the future editions of alvibest.

  4. Dear P,
    Thank you.

    Dear Anon-I-think-I-know-who ;-)
    Yes indeed. The picture has come out really well. Serendipity.

    Dear A,
    I wish I could send you this issue. I wish you would rather subscribe to the mag. Hope you are having a good time. Have you made the move?

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Yes, serendipity. But also the eye of the beholder.

    ...And now, the beholder becomes the beheld.