Sunday, July 02, 2006

An unmeasured hiatus

I wonder what makes men - esp. philosophers - assume and expect that uniformity of the human species is possible. To think that a single philosophy, a single methodology, a single combination of such fantastic prestidigitation, could solve every single man's problem or help him understand every aspect of his life, is pure naivete. No single dish can satiate a man's hunger of the soul (have you watched "Walk in the Clouds"?) nor can a single woman swell love in every man's breast.

What is, is.

I am beckoned to meditate on these and I am working on my understanding of life and what can come of it. It is clear to me that a man's moral happiness and bliss is the only eventuality of his life and that neither the world nor life in it, is evil. Why I must Fly...nowI also realise that there can be no single path to divine oneness (not in the prevalent religious sense). Every man has to live by his own standard and what standard he chooses is of lesser consequence in the light of why he chose a particular alignment. This text that I work on is primarily for my perspicacity and I might share it with the world (for, once I am clear, I will have very little use of that text). It will help me put together what dawned on me in the recent past.

What it will be, I know not; what it won't, is another set of ingenious directives about how to lead life. If one has no time to observe life and feels a pressing need to get it over and done with in exchange of a goal, then this piece of text will hardly serve better need than in the restroom. This work of mine will essentially help lovers of life name the unnamed.

I will be off blogging (and it is ironic when Blogger's spell checker catches "blogging" as an error) and any form of popular publishing for a while to come.
How long? Indefinite.
Why? Because I love life.