Friday, February 17, 2006


I have been trying very hard to recall this one, and I hope I have done justice to it.

Waqt kho diya humne, uski yaad mein,
Ek waqt tha, jab sirf dil luta karthe the.
Zindagi guzregi, uske naam lene mein,
Ek zamaana tha, yoonhi aanh barthe the.

I have lost a while in her memory
There was once, when all I lost was my heart.
Life shall be spent in mouthing her name
Not long ago, I would merely sigh thus.


  1. The Urdu verse is simply Purrrrfect.

    The English translation is just so...But that is to be expected, I believe.

  2. Tadap kar dekhna kisi ki chahat mein,
    tho pata chale intezar kya hota hain….
    Yu hi mil jaye agar koi bina tadpe,
    tho kaise pata chale ki pyar kya hota hain…

  3. There is no concept of getting hurt - when one talks of love between man and nature.

    Why does there exist the concept of feeling miserable when one talks of love between humans?. Does it imply incompleteness/impurity?

  4. Anonymous5:08 PM

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    nice poems..very touching..

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  5. Dear P,
    Thank you. :-) Translations do have that problem...

    Dear S,
    Nice one. So you are a poet-extempore? :-)

    Dear S,
    Not sure about its implication, but Nature doesn't expect you to love Her, nor does a man expect Nature to explicitly love him. I would say expectations do bring in a lot of confusion.

    Dear R,
    Welcome here... :-)

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    THough I cannot comment on this one I have been checking out your other you have an interest in Tao and J.KRishnamurthi, how interesting..well I have been a reader of JK for the Tao, I guess it is best left to what it it..For the Tao that can be told of is not the eternal Tao...


  7. Hmmm ... Will comment later when I get home. For now - Poetry and love ... age old combination for bringing out all that is excellent in language. One of my co workers' talking with me and I'm politely nodding - cant keep it up for long - gotta pack to walk home. Bye

  8. hi eroteme, how are u doing? that was really nice shayari, (almost on the lines of ghalib).
    saw the latest issue of alvibest, its brilliant!