Monday, August 22, 2005

Of miracles and confusion...

Well, I am back from my vacation which only vacated my hope of having a good vacation. Apart from a few incidents I really don't seem to have enjoyed this one. My mom thinks I can never be satisfied. My friends in Bombay think I was very happy and satisfied and I think that I shouldn't be thinking now...

I decided to get some things straightened up, like my room (which is a perennial activity. I wonder who keeps dirtying it! ;-) and my mails and you know... the usual stuff. I realised that I wanted my littlish, longish, smallish book on Mutual Funds. I love reading it once in a while and then doing nothing with my money! As an aside, MFs aren't that bad or scary as I thought them to be. I was always afraid of money and speculation, but I soon realised that they aren't half as evil as I thought them to be. Anyway, I got to searching it here and there and nearly everywhere... which I suppose you know to be everywhere!!

A few months ago I had purchased a Louis Armstrong (no, not related to the guy who went to moon!! Jeeesus!) collection on CD. I love his works. So I came home, and before you lose track of time, it was nearly 4-5 months ago, so feel a little younger when you imagine this piece. So where were we? Yup, 4-5 months ago I bought this CD of some of his love songs and played it on my system (its a 5 CD changer and this detail is relevant). We sat to eat some samosas and I was enjoying Jazz forcing myself to get into a dreamy state which is supposed to accompany all Jazz performances!! After a few songs I decided to go do some reading and my sis said, like a true patron of art, "If you aren't listening to that then please turn it off." I turned it off and went about my work. After a day or two I wanted to listen to it and didn't find it any of the CD chambers (I searched all 5. See? The number is relevant). And like any mature grown-up who has lost his dear possession I shrieked and brought the roof down!
My sis has this trait of coming to my place and ensuring that something goes amiss. I don't know where my walkman is, nor my alarm clock nor my camera. So many things. I am not accusing her of anything, but simply making a point that things vanish when she appears!! :-))
So she decided to search for it and she looked everywhere, which by now you know to be everywhere! and she couldn't find it!!!
After a few days I realised that my Tibetan music CD (for Tai-Chi) was missing. I looked at my sis through squinted eyes and she unpacked everything to prove that she hadn't taken it. We searched everywhere, say it with me, EVERYWHERE, but didn't find that one too. Unfortunately, I hadn't backed up either of those CDs. :-(
This was spooky. How could a CD vanish from a music system? The maid servant didn't know how to operate it. So, who was making them go?
After 3-5 months I still look at Louis Armstrong holding a microphone stand but singing nothing. Why? BECAUSE THE CD IS MISSING... :-(
So, yesterday I was searching for my littlish, longish, smallish book on Mutual Funds and by jove! under a pile of very important papers (which I have hardly read) was my Tibetan music CD. I hadn't written anything on it so I wasn't sure whether it was that or was it some software CD in the wrong case. I rushed to my system and decided to load it in chamber 1 (I prefer progressing numerically). Out came a chamber with some CD in it. I noticed that it was some old CD and pushed the chamber back in. The CD tray got stuck and didn't allow me to open other chambers. I slowly reopened the 1st chamber and then pulled out the stuck CD. Then I decided to open each chamber and check if any other CD was stuck. 2 nothing. 3 nothing. 4 nothing. 5 wait wait wait. What is this????
Say it with me guys: LOUIS ARMSTRONG IN FLESH AND BLOOD (well, not really)
After 5 months I found both my CDs while searching a book on Mutual Funds. They sure are a profitable thing to pursue!!
I called my sister to tell her that I found the CDs. She was happy and lovingly asked me to find a nice spot and kick myself in the rear! And I told her that the irony was that I was searching for something else.
"Naah. Nothing. Just a book."
"Which one?"
"That littlish, longish, smallish book on Mutual Funds. Must be here somewhere."
"Oh! That one. I have it with me."


  1. Goodness me! I thought I was the only one who liked to progress numerically when loading CDs et al - petty are the travails of an orderly mind :)

    And funny narration btw. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Was just imagining how it would have been to find LOUIS ARMSTRONG IN FLESH AND BLOOD in rack 5 of your CD player!! :))

  3. Dear E,
    Glad you enjoyed!

    Dear A,
    It would surely have been spooky esp. with his raspy voice asking me, "Howdja day?" :-O

  4. ..A few months ago I had purchased a Louis Armstrong (no, not related to the guy who went to moon!! Jeeesus!)

    I did think of that guy..heehee!

    The twist in the tail was good!:)

  5. lol! :-) This is a good one. You seem to be good at funny stuff too, so please write more such posts. :-)

  6. Dear X,
    Glad to find you all over my blog!! :-D I knew that someone would mistake him for him (would that be a mistake then? :-o ) and had to add that!! :-))

    Dear Jan-a-knee,
    "Too"? :-o Glad you liked this. A colleague of ours (a non-Indian) called out to a girl (with your name) as Jan-a-knee and I couldn't help breaking out(after laughing enough) into a:
    And a knee in Maaar-ch ...
    (have you heard that rhyme/song one-a-little, two-a-little...)?

  7. Excellent piece, Eroteme...

    I think 90 per cent of your blogs are worth publishing...

    You as a writer and we as readers deserve a biggish, nicish, book of yours...

    What say? Any publishers hunting for a pure writer with fresh styles and narratives... here he is.


  8. Parvati6:12 PM

    Funny. Nice. Leaves a happy siblingly feeling.