Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Phew! I am tired. Really am.

Guys, the first issue of Alvibest is out. I would like to thank all those who supported this effort.

Thank you,


  1. I just sent out the subscription mail (Forgot it in the excitement)!! And from the picture looks like you are ahving both a toast and a roast!!! :P Anyways, great effort buddy!! Hats off!!

  2. And yes, I'm the first to comment!!!

  3. Congratulations! You did it!!

  4. Thanks guys! You guys were great help too... Might not have been easy without you fellas...

  5. hey congrats!! looks good to me. I am yet to read all the articles.

  6. HI E,

    coming to your blog after a long time...I am sure you must have forgotten me by now...saw your first issue of alvibest-Too good as usual! Wanted to ask u do u manage to find so much time to do so much work all together..pass me some tips.

  7. Dear W,
    Thanks a tonne! :-)

    Dear A,
    Yup! Missed you on this blog. Of course, I remember you. Glad you liked the issue! Would recommend that you subscribe to it officially else you might miss out on some issues. What do you mean "too good as usual"??!! Are you trying to say that I am getting boring? :-(
    Writing and Alvibest is not work to me, so it happens!! :-) But yes, there was a good amount of effort expended and I really want to go on a vacation!! :-|

  8. Loved Alvibest. Great work. Lots of effort has gone into it and it shows!
    Now take that silly chicken off your head.

  9. Dear A,
    Thank you! :-) I am glad you liked it. Any ideas on how to make it better? I was too dazed to use a knife and fork... I'll take it off once I am done with the juicy parts ;-)