Thursday, August 25, 2005

Multiple lives...

There is a life we lead and then there is the life we dream of leading; of hilltops and lakes and affluence and birdsongs and a sunrise to hug and a moon to kiss you to sleep of peace that sings in your heart while you bring peace to a dear soul by singing.

Is happiness, then, watching these lives merge and become one or is happiness in dreaming a livable life?


  1. It is when both become one...

  2. watching these lives merge and become one

    Thats what me thinks!!:|

  3. Happiness is living in the present and holding on the dream of the merger

  4. I agree with Xena there.

    Happiness is the merging of the two lives...

    And it will happen only if we look at our life and our self as one and the same thing.

  5. Parvati1:43 PM

    @Eroteme: Find something in your present life that concretely has in it at least one single component of your present many dreams.
    Now this will make the life you are actually really living too, a beautiful and worthwhile one. But if you have clear dreams, if you do know what you exactly want, you should do everything to make them into reality. And only when you do that your life will be worthwhile TO YOU PERSONALLY.
    You have to make your dreams into reality. ALWAYS.