Sunday, August 14, 2005


How so futile it seems
I search for the ideal in one
In vain pursuit one gleans
The ideal, but, thrives in none


  1. The ideal, but, thrives in the mind of one.

  2. Therefore,

    would you say

    "I love you hypothetically." ?

  3. Ideal, that would be boring. Nothing to look forward to, nothing that will change for the better. Nay, I would rather strive endlessly for things to get ideal than see them become ideal.

  4. Dear E,
    Well said.

    Dear NotR,
    I would say I love. :-)

    Dear A,
    I agree. There isn't much spice left in life if things come readymade. Your last sentence confuses me. Are you saying that you wouldn't like things to transform into the ideal on their own?

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  6. @Eroteme - Perhaps my last sentence was ambiguous. I wouldn't want things to turn ideal on their own or by my effort. They should constantly approach the ideal and yet stay one step short!

  7. Echo, very well said. I echo your thoughts (on this)! *giggle*

  8. Parvati1:35 PM

    I think the key to the tone or mood of this post, is not the word "ideal", but the phrase "ideal in one".

    The writer is able to glean the ideal from many (which makes his pursuit sorta vain because it doesn't end in any grand finale of lifelong association or commitment), but the moment he stops at "one", he ceases to thrive in that one person. All ideal goes for a six.

    Perfection is a combination of a million facets each seen in one human being, and therefore one single THE ONE, doesnt satisfy or cannot satisfy at all - this seems to be what the writer is trying to convey here...