Monday, July 04, 2005

Order of Nature

It amazes me when the order of nature presents itself in a manner as silent and as astounding as today, which seems so familiar to be any day. I was done with my bath and readied myself for my prayers. Once inside the prayer room, I seated myself and went about my prayers (which I shant call a routine as it isn't one). Once I was done, I noticed this rose finding support on the wooden frames of one of the pictures in the room. The rose was fairly large and in its size had destroyed all romantic innuendoes that one usually associates with this flower. It was a rarely seen colour. A shade of orange predominated, although all shades of tangerine could be seen. I focused on one of the petals. I have been sketching and painting over the past few days and the eye which trained itself on this innocent flower was that of an artist and not a lover, a lesson I am still to learn. As I watched the petal intently, I noticed that the colours seemed to flow against gravity and darken towards the tapered point of the petal. The petal, which stood upright, was a pale hue which darkened gradually to a bright orange which gave way to a dark nacarat at the tip and it seemed to want to escape from this petal and colour the walls with a similar hue. And I told myself, "Thus all petals will darken and brighten towards the periphery. Remember this while painting or sketching a flower" and as if to mock at me, my eye was pulled towards a petal pointing in the nearly opposite direction as an antithesis to this petal. It was pale at its tip and darker towards the nether regions. I couldn't help but smile and realise that the ways of nature are not for us to discern. It would be so difficult to look at a bud and be able to know the spread of petals and colours. I looked at each one of the petals and realised that each and every one of them was a canvas in itself. I spent a long while in the room and admired each petal with the eye of a lover.
It was a wonderfully beautiful experience...


  1. "To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour...."

    - Blake.


  2. And beautifully recounted. I have roses of every hue and shade growing in my garden. I must stop and smell them. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. the eye of an artist :)
    beautifully written

  4. Hi m.
    Thanks for that one. It nearly always runs in my head like a bee in a tin drum!

    Hi ammani,
    I am really not too keen on gardening but mom does a great job with her green thumb!

    Hi P,
    Thank you. Glad it is to your taste! :-)

  5. an extraordinarily unique colour

    and wise to appreciate beauty while it surrounds you, outside of time

  6. Isnt that is all about art? We can only try to mimic the nature, not understand the why and hows of it !!! and this process of mimic is so close to salvation !!!

  7. Hey,

    u probably must let us see your sketches and paintings.....

  8. an amazing post.. fits right into this "in a garden called life".. nature has a lot of lessons for us...

    every rose has its thorn.. we must look for the rose in ourselves and the people who matter.. nevertheless, there are thorns to remind us of our imperfectness...

    btw, rose is one of the symbols of materialistic/divine love for the sufi poetes - rumi and hafiz..

    so u are an artist too?? interesting..

  9. Dear NotR,
    Was looking forward to your comment about the magic of roses! I agree with what you say, Time at times ;-) seems to be the culprit...

    Dear Phantom,
    What you say sounds so much like what the Rennaisance artists used to say! I sketch occasionally and they are usually personal. Will put something up soon...

    Dear RS,
    Hmmm interesting connection you raise (between the post and the URL)! :-) Well, I suppose we are all artists; its merely a matter of how much we love the arts!

  10. on the magic of roses

    a petalled press of thought, from colour tying time into a papered sense as soft as childhood and prayerful moments

  11. Dear NotR,
    Neat! Really liked it. I ran it through my head over and over and enjoyed it so much... :-)