Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We don't end thus...

Haath Choote Bhi To Rishtey Nahi Choda Karte..
Waqt Ki Shakh Se Lamhein Nahi Toda Karte..

Should we depart, let not our bonds end thus
From the boughs of time, let's not pluck memories thus

Jiski Awaaz Mein Silwat Ho NigahoN Mei Shikan..
Aisi Tasvir Ke TukDe Nahi Joda Karte..

A voice which tremors with passion and a wrinkled eye;
Fragments of such an image aren't pieced together thus

Shahad Jeene Ka Mila Karta Hai ThoDa ThoDa..
Jaane WaaloN Ke Liye Dil Nahi Toda Karte..

The sweetness of life is begotten in mere sips
Hence, we do not grieve for the departing thus.

Lagke Sahil Se Jo Behta Hai Usse Behne Do..
Aise Dariya Ka Kabhi Rukh Nahi Moda Karte..

That which rolls over banks and flows on, let it.
Never change the course of such a river thus.


  1. Lately of love unrequitted & weary and partings...?

  2. Yeah! Funny, no? :-)
    I suppose I have been drinking too much of water and such thoughts are known to come to a man dancing on the wrong side of the door!!!

  3. good one! English version helped me understand. By the way ROTL is nothing but a wrong way to spell ROFL :-)

  4. :-) I suppose you don't listen to (m)any ghazals. This is an old one and I love it (like I do so many others). The English version is languid in comparison! :-(
    I thought it was ROTFL!!! ;-) But ROTL still got itself a meaning today! :-))

  5. I agree. I don't like translations but they help in understanding the work when one doesn't know the original langauge.

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  7. sorry bout the last comment......which i shamelessly deleted of course. Who is this ghazal by?

  8. Dear W,
    I agree, but everytime I complete translating something, I feel horrible! :-(

    Dear m,
    No problemo!:-) I suppose you want to know who composed this ghazal: Gulzar and it was sung by Jagjit Singh. If I remember right, it is part of the Maraasim album collection. Maraasim means bond/relationship.