Monday, September 05, 2005

Little things which fly past...

Recently I read this post on my friend's blog. She has a wonderful eye for detail and well... ahem.. other things ;-) It was a very interesting post and took me back to my days when I used to cycle past Universal Bakery (Luz Church Road) with a load of paper boys going about their morning chores. She ended the post with a very smiling statement:

Calvin was right - there is treasure everywhere!

Recently I caught on camera the play of an innocent soul. There is some construction activity going on beside our house and while the men and women were busy doing the important stuff, this girl decided to add her touch to the whole affair. I was so touched to watch this that I had to capture it on camera and share it with you guys too. The girl happened to notice me come out of my house and she shied away. She kept smiling at me but stopped doing what she was. Then I hid behind my door till she was convinced I was gone and she resumed her "work". That was when I caught her. After the scene was shot she looked up and smiled so sweetly. Now she makes it a point to stop by everyday and give me a wonderfully sweet smile...


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

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  2. Why does Church of scientology wants you?? They have Tom Cruise. Hope you dont start jumping on your couch....hehehe.....coz ur couch might not take it....

  3. uve an eye for things too :)

  4. Dear A,

    Dear GI,
    Welcome back!! They don't want me for sure. I didn't get the part about jumping on my couch. Is that what TC does? :-o How would you know? ;-)

    Dear P,
    :-) Merci m'mselle!

  5. E,
    Tom recently professed his love to Katie (hate you) Holmes in Oprah Show. WHen he was aked how much he loves her, he started jumping on the couch. pumping his hands in air and abusing the furniture.....all this to send across a point that he is exited and he is in love

  6. Naaah! I don't love Katie Holmes. Why do you hate me? :-(