Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Princess

It has been but few weeks since she last visited me. This is uncommon; her visits were well spaced and well timed to raise least suspicion. I would rather she stay with me, but he would have issues with that. I don't know why she should follow his word so dearly. She is an independent soul too. But this visit makes me wonder. I hope all is well, and then again, maybe it is not. Now is my chance to replant myself in her life. How she neglected my worth, how I felt useless like a tree after spring!
I always wanted her to be happy, but not always. A little trouble was the only way she would come back to me, back to the one man who truly knows her, who truly loves her. I still don't know what she saw in him; she said he was like me. Hah! I am not so unctuous. But I am glad that something is troubling her now. I can pull her towards...
"Who's it?"
"Its me, Angie!"
He rushed to open the door.
"Sweetheart, I am so happy to see you. Been quite a while."
They kissed as dearly as a soul split by time and space.
"How are you? Hmmm. Something tells me things aren't right? What happened? He's bothering you?"
"Relax, nothing of that stuff. I just wanted to come over and surprise you."
"Surprise me? With what? Why?"
She looked at him with all the love she held for him and shook her head. With a deep sigh she said, "Happy birthday dad!"


  1. Just when I thought I can take some time off from reading blogs - you write up something which is close to pure genius !

    That should have made your day :-) I got to get ready to visit my eye doctor - O yea first I get my wisdom tooth pulled out, now I break my glasses and have to visit the eye doc :-( At least his trip will be less painful :-)

  2. good one!!! Did u just see Father of the Bride?

  3. Hi L,
    Of course it did make my day! :-D I am glad you liked it. I suppose they should have something like annual servicing (like they do for cars) for the human body!! ;-) Wait, wait, wait!! You said you broke your glasses and you still "read" this post!!?? No wonder you found it to be near pure genius! :-(

    Hi M,
    Yes, I have seen that movie but not in the past 1 year!

  4. Parvati7:54 PM

    "...useless like a tree after spring..", "..kissed as dearly as a soul split by time and space"

    - aaaw. lovely.