Saturday, September 24, 2005


This post owes its existence to Janani.
I am required to compose a Love Story (ewww) in 55 words. 55 words? :-o When have you ever seen me write a short post and 55 words is not short, its ephemeral!! I read her tag last night and thought why not!! ;-) Here goes:

"Love? You can't be serious. I am a happy man. Love is not for people who are happy"
Aaah, she thought, just the right sport. Charm, seduce, lead, discard.
Aaah, he thought, baited milady. Now all I need is to keep her intrigued and on her toes.
Love followed them everyday for 50 more years.

He wasn't religious till now, ever since the priest assured him about reincarnation. It can't be true, he thought, God! it can't be true.
"Please pour the ashes into the water", the priest said.
That means my father can return? No. I will do all that you want me to, dear God.


  1. one for the man and one or the lady I presume!? ;-)

  2. sigh....i wish all love stories were like the movies!!!

  3. Hey gud one! :-) The tag wasn't abt just love stories though, you could have written a murder mystery in 55 words also. :-)

  4. Hi M,
    This is filmy? :-o

    Hi J,
    You tricked me!!! :-(

  5. You are linked in my Fav bloggers now:)

  6. I didn't trick you, I just said I like love stories! :-) Anyways good one, but I liked your first story better. :-)

  7. Dear A,
    Wow! That was quick! :-D From nothing to fav over one weekend!! Thanks!

    Dear J,
    If you say so! :-)

  8. LOL,not in one week, i have been coming here past 3 months:)A friend refered u r blog as one the best in blog world and i came here to check it out:) and got hooked to this place.

  9. Na-cheez ka dil tareef se naa bharen... aadat pad jayegi!

  10. Nice. one of the best 55ers. Congrats!