Friday, September 16, 2005

Anthropomorphic Numbers

Its been a while, I told myself, so long that I have forgotten her number. Damn, you don't forget numbers.
21st May 1990 -- First time I met her
13th Sept 1991 -- First time I spoke to her. I had told her "Shut up"
5th April 1992 -- She came back for summer as a very different girl
15th May 1993 -- She skipped her lunch in order to play a game of carrom with me
20th June 1993 -- She came with me to the temple
2nd July 1993 -- First time I didn't want to hear her say bye
13th April 1994 -- I spotted her getting out of the taxi and ran down
17th April 1994 -- She let me put my head on her lap. So soft a thigh...

25th April 1994 -- All that she wants from my trip is for me to return safely
29th June 1994 -- I make my first promise to her. Promised to wait for her return the next year
15th April 1995 -- Held hands for the first time only for 10 seconds or so... her mom was around
27th June 1995 -- I tell her I love her; she simply smiles...
29th June 1995 -- I tell her I am moving to another city. She tells me she loves me...
17th Sept 1995 -- I get her first letter
23rd Dec 1996 -- We decide to get married
17th Sept. 1998 -- We realise we cannot get married right away
4th June 2001 -- First time I kissed her; we both goofed up!
7th Sept 2004 -- She decides to forget about this
8th Sept 2004 -- I tell her I can't, she tells me she can't too...
5th Aug 2005 -- It was her birthday

I remember all of this... and today I don't remember her mobile number? Damn. What has changed? Don't I ... damn no! How could you forget it, and she is getting married tomorrow... I should start writing down numbers. Never thought that they would let me down... You can't love simply anymore.


  1. Nice one!!..Touched a cord!!..classic!

  2. hmm you were like 12 in 1990, me thinks!

  3. Dear K,
    Thanks :-)

    Dear W,
    Girl!! When will you realise? :-o

  4. Really enjoyed reading this one.

  5. when will I realise??:|

  6. Dear A,
    Glad you liked it... :-)

    Dear W,
    :-| Why are you asking me? Fine... tomorrow! Happy?! :-)

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    This is the first time I am coming to ur blog. Liked it. u write nicely but I liked the variety in ur blog. U jump from humour to philosophy to romance to news items very easily. Keep it up.

  8. Well sometimes, it just works out well that you forget that number!!Its called self- defence...:D

  9. Hi Erotene,

    Do you remember me? Madhu!
    Sent you a mail last week on another of your articles.

    Easy to identify with this one, I am sure.

    They say the trouble of falling in love is you never fall out of it, right?

    Still remember my first crush, Her name was Parvatham, a divine beauty. Most balanced woman, I have ever met (i think that's a credit in itself).

    She must have been 25 when I first saw her, and I was in second standard,playing on that sand pile and the jasmine in her hair stole my heart forever. Sorry, yaar. Very poor at remembering dates so cannot chronicle as well as you have done it here.

    Man, can die for love, can't we?


  10. Dear A,
    Thanks. I consciously try to vary thing on this blog though I wouldn't resist putting something up just because a post on a similar topic was up earlier... :-)

    Dear M,
    Welcome back. Its been a long time... I suppose you are right though it is horribly difficult to defend the self from oneself!! ;-)

    Dear Madhu,
    Of course I remember you. So you are a guy!? Wow! I thought you were a girl and was already accused by a dear friend of mine of doing something on my blog to get women to come over and visit!! I am so glad that you are a guy!! :-D And I thought Parvatham would be the name for a guy!! :-o I need help!

  11. Dear Eroteme,

    Sorry for the long absence from your blog and from my blogging life.

    I shifted to Dubai, change of jobs, etc., so had no time or thought to write.

    Man, this piece is something I can instantly relate. You write very universal pieces.

    You are a rare and gifted writer.

    Again, I say, you simply wow me... You are the only writer (other than myself) in whom I see promise for a new era of writing...

    disconnected pieces, mood pieces...

    Please do mail me at

  12. Dear A,
    Thank you. You are very generous with compliments. I will mail you shortly. There are many writers out there who are gifted. I would suggest reading some of their works (some are linked through my blog)! :-) Not sure whether any of us would usher an era of writing, but they are good...