Friday, September 02, 2005

You may have it... but no!

E: Its not mine, you see.
S: What do you mean?
E: Well, I kinda wrote it, but it is not exactly mine. As in... I can't own it. Its not me, not mine.
S: Then you should be fine with my taking it away from you and taking credit for it.
E: Well, it doesn't belong to me because it belongs to nobody. It can't be yours.
S: Why not? You still wish to own it, right?
E: Its not like that. Hmmm. Let me try it this way. Its like first publishing rights, or at least what I understand about it. I can put it up first but it doesn't belong to me.
S: Huh?
E: See, its like the wind and the clouds. They don't belong to anyone and hence they cannot belong to you! The breeze is not for you to own nor is it mine although I might have turned on the fan...

(a monologue-dialogue on a quiet Friday night)


  1. But the experience of feeling the breeze is one's own and some of the credit goes to the source which turned the fan on.

  2. Eroteme,

    I love the way you write. I simply adore it.

    I am not generous when it comes to compliments, but to you it flows naturally.

    Maybe because in you I see the same idealist, romantic that I see in myself.

    And your girl who is marrying somebody else... I am sorry to hear about that, Eroteme.

  3. Dear A,
    :-) That was a piece of fiction! Thank you for the compliments...

  4. Parvati2:20 PM

    I too have experienced like you this complete non-existence of my personality in the process of writing. When "WHAT IS WRITTEN" is a person in itself that has condescended enough to choose me as an instrument in the act of putting the creation on the material plane. It is an uncanny feeling, but very natural too. And the more my small little mind or personality refrains from interfering, the more free the flow is, and the more effective the writing is.

    When this happens, the writer automatically reacts like he does in your post - it is next to impossible to claim credit to the creation. He realises that he was just an emptiness that was filled by a great power of creativity...

    Of course, all said and done, obviously different people have different sources of inspiration that they hook on to, or that hooks on to them! Hence the difference in the end product - yours is ineffably out of the worldly beautiful, whereas we lesser mortals manage to see something of our work in print only by virtue of the democaratic blogworld!!!