Wednesday, June 15, 2005


He turned away from her and stared at the painting she had made for him. She had blurred from his life like the sanguine painting lost in the reflection of the madly spinning ceiling fan. Then he noticed the cobwebs near the corners of the frame and the cracks on the frame itself. He had loved the teak frame with intricately carved leaves and cherubs on it smiling at the painting.
Now it was cracked wood and the crack ran through the face of those little angels.
"Sorry, Kamala. I can't take it any more" his voice cracked to the shape of what lay on the frame.


  1. nicely done. I like how you have used your words.

  2. Nicely reveals a sense of antiquity

  3. really nice..!!I quite dunno what else to say..just gives a tender sad feeling

  4. Some very good turn of phrases. But do I understand it? Hmm...

  5. "reflection of the madly spinning ceiling fan"

    could elaborate on that sentence especially the part which Ive mentioned above. Im not able to imagine it.

    By the way, whats this about small, insightful "thought for the day" kind of posts that I have been seeing in quite a few blogs. Like it though :)

  6. Bravo! I think I know the inspiration :-)

    Repulsion, attraction, appreciation, familiarity, novelty, perception, blindness, quietitude, urgency - they seem to me instantaneous reactions. Does the secret lie in understanding and accepting, rising above, bowing humbly to the inevitable? :-) It would most definitely be an interesting exploration nevertheless - the foibles of the human mind...

    I would not have been able to express it better!

  7. Gosh! This is what happens if I do not reply immediately... :-)

    Dear misha,
    Thank you. Glad to know that you liked it...

    Dear Amrita,
    Thank you. I am not sure what you mean by "antiquity"

    Dear GI,

    Dear Prabha,
    :-) Thanks...

    Dear ammani,
    What do I say? :-) Do read further down... something you already might know ;-)

    Dear SS,
    Glad you like it. Not into short posts (Me? Short? Phew!!) just wanted to capture this scene before I lose it. Do read further for the explanation.

    Dear Meera,
    :-) The inspiration could have only been subconscious. Honestly, the reason lay elsewhere as I shall explain. You try so hard to be humble when you say that you "couldn't have expressed it better"!! ;-)

    Dear all,
    Often I read a piece of fiction and I wonder, what made the writer write this piece? I wished more often than the pages in my house that I meet the author and ask him/her. Didn't ever happen. I shall explain the little incident behind the post:

    I was talking to my mom yesterday (morning) and we were discussing something quotidian when I turned to look at the art piece placed on the corner of my living room. Its a terracota piece on 2D (actually 2.5 D)which looks like a painting. Well framed and with a glass casing. When I looked, all I could see was the reflection of the ceiling fan and the art work was totally lost. Then it hit me:

    How an image can smother and shroud the true art work itself... like what we think of a person and what they truly are...
    We initially take the person for what they are and then bound them (the reference to the teak wood frame) and when they try to break through it(the cracks) and be themselves or transform themselves, we only view them as an image (the fan reflection) and miss the painting (the true self which we loved) and then start finding faults (cobwebs)....

    I hope this helps. Some people do not like a work of art (writing, painting, etc.) to be explained as it loses its mystery... I don't entirely subscribe to that!

  8. Now you tell us...sorry, the story did not communicate what you intended for it to. But then, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box. Which probably know by now ;)

  9. hmm I think I do know who this person is, if my guessing skills are good:P

  10. Dear Wookie,
    You do? :-o Please let me know! I am not aware of who the person is... :-) Everyone but I seem to know the "reality" behind the image!! :-(

  11. very interesting blog...beautiful images

  12. Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

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