Monday, June 27, 2005


I have been waiting for today for quite some time. Nothing special about today save the decision to finally create the blog associated with the literary journal I was talking about a few weeks ago.
Feel free to visit the official blog for Alvibest. :-)

So, what are we planning to do?
Alvibest is a literary journal which will contain within its folds various art forms captured with the magic that words are known to create. After several discussions with various people, we decided to be non-restrictive and let Alvibest create her own image. We intend to paint the beauty of life with ink.

How do we intend going about it?
Alvibest is a quarterly journal and we hope to get the first issue out in the first week of August. Alvibest will present to the reader various literary forms in variegated styles. The content that one can expect from this journal would surely contain the following genres:

1. Fiction (Short stories, serials)
2. Non-fiction
3. Articles
4. Poetry
5. Book reviews
6. Translations
7. Art work (sketches, paintings, photographs, etc.)

Articles include all works which are not fiction, non-fiction or poetry. This is very vast in what it encompasses. Here we would have articles raising general awareness, description of various art forms like music, dance, architecture, etc., articles related to the art of writing, etc.

How will the journal be presented?
The journal will be compiled and distributed as a colour PDF document. The initial year (first 4 issues) will be rounds of experiments. We would be playing with layout, content, format, etc. As soon as the issue is ready, we will distribute it to a few people and encourage them to distribute it to anyone who might be interested in the same. Those who have subscribed to the journal, will also receive the magazine issue. We will not be putting the articles on the blog, although snippets might be put up in order to make the reader aware of the contents of an issue.

What about the finances?
Currently everything is free. For the first year, there will be no role for money. Once Alvibest beats to a chosen rhythm, we might pay writers/contributors and those desirous of a printed version of the issue might be charged! But these things aren't yet firm. Frankly, finance is not an issue.

What can we do for Alvibest?
We looking for contributors as well as people to help us in getting the issue ready and out. We would need a small number of submission reviewers, designers et al. We would encourage people to submit their works to be published in Alvibest. We aren't accepting material published on someone's blog. We would also be glad if you could rope in the right talent for this effort.

So, how is this going to be any different from other literary magazines?
In India, there aren't any purely literary magazine (not to my knowledge). Some of them are highly steeped in politics/economics and their quality of fiction/non-fiction/poetry leaves a lot wanting. There are plenty in North America and some in Europe. We aren't competing with anyone. All that we promise is a wonderful compilation of very good to excellent quality works, ensuring that the reader picks up Alvibest for getting her/himself a wonderful journey through the world of words.... And then, there aren't any advertisements!! :-)

Would there be anything else that a reader might want to know? Feel free to put it as a comment.

Come in ... join us on this journey!


  1. All the best Eroteme :)

  2. Dear Prabha,
    I think I will need all of it. :-|

  3. i dread to comment on this post as i have not been able to make any contribution for the journal so far. sorry about that. but i am sure i will send in something soon. besides there might more gifted people contributing to it. i just wanted to say...all the best and congrats. the name rocks!!!

  4. Anonymous4:47 AM

    All the best E.


  5. Your journal seems pretty interesting. Good luck with it. And if there is any way in which I can help, lemme know.

  6. Dear A,
    :-) Thats ok. I hear you are very busy and packed with your work. Maybe in the 2nd issue, hmm?

    Dear Cabbage,

    Dear J,
    Thanks. I will need all the luck and more. You have to let me know how you can help. I know zilch about you!! :-|

  7. definitely, i was at my peak when i heard about ur journal..was trying my best to sqeeze in time..i guess so..second issue sounds like a nice idea.