Friday, June 03, 2005

And I felt her leave...

Three little fingers held my thumb like earth does, the first rain drop. They were cool against my cheek... the coolness of receding life.
She licked her lips.
She was tender in my hands. How could she leave before her first blush, before she wore braces, become a woman, giggle at those cute boys, ... how?
I let my tears fall and mingle with hers. I bent to kiss her and watched her body slowly ebb away from me as if a kiss would break the resolve to depart. Would her little torso lift against the weight of death?


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    "Would her little torso lift against the weight of death?"
    It is simply wonderful.Tragic but beautiful.

  2. Nice post.Touching. But very sad.

  3. Beautiful.You will make a great daah-dee :)

  4. Dear W,
    Thanks... thanks again... :-)

    Dear GI,
    Thank you. Glad you liked it...

    Dear M&B,
    Thank you. Glad you found it to your taste.

  5. Dear Eroteme, you rock! :). I loved it.:)

  6. Hi eroteme!
    Been a while...
    Nice one..esp the "Daah-dee" :)

  7. Dear Prabha,
    Been quite a while, indeed. Believe it or not, I woke up today (siesta) and was wondering "WHere's Prabha?" !! And here I get a comment from you. Never really happened before to me...

    Dear A,
    Thank you. Glad you like it :-)

  8. Here is next paragraph to your poem......

    She held my hand for support, like she had always given me. Her fingers were wrinkled.....the wrinkles of the life well lived.

    She smiled for one last time with a twinkle in her eyes....

    Daaaa....di....I said......

    She was leaving me......

    How I wanted to stop her!!

    But she had seen it all and How can she stay even if she wanted to....Her completely ripened spring of life had aged through the summer and reached the fall...

    Winter will come making it hard without her

    After a full circle of seasons, spring will return

    Giving me strength in life that she had always given me

  9. Dear GI,
    WOW! That's neat... thanks for sharing that... :-)

  10. Dear GI,
    Why did I say "Daaaa....di..."? She says Daddy... :-o

  11. By Daadi I meant Paati....You wrote about your next generation and I wrote about the previous generation......

  12. Bravo.
    [and I shall go no further for fear of spoiling the moment of mute appreciation.]

  13. Dear GI,
    We really seem to be generations apart... :-|

    Dear Meera,
    Thank you. I am glad it is mute and not moot!! ;-)

  14. An unimaginable loss captured with a quiet poignance. The last line about sums it up. Thank you.

  15. Simple and beautiful.......

  16. Oh Eroteme,
    This is so sad :-(
    am really glad I dropped by,
    am inspired by your beautiful writing.

  17. Dear ammani,

    Dear Baejaar,
    :-) Thanks. Glad you like it...

    Dear KK,
    Welcome to the show! Thanks. You really do not need my writing to inspire; you are really fine already... :-)