Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Parental guidance should be sought
For this scene in the bathroom, shot

(We need more warnings and disclaimers of this sort!! :-)

Laa laa ri ra...
Laa laa ri ra...
Laa li ra ra ra ra rum
Laa laa ri ra...
Laa laa ri ra...
Laa li la la lum

Ooooooh Yeah!

Bin badal barsat ho jaise
(now I am scratching my chin to figure out where that came from)

Jaaaaaaane Jaan
Doondtha (muffled by soap) raha
Hoon tumhe raat din, mein yahan se wahan

Dhoom pichak dhoom, pichak dhoom,
dhoom pichak dhoom, pichak dhoom
di-di di di-di di di-di di di di di
Dhoom pichak dhoom, pichak dhoom

Vaathaapi ganapathim bhaje hummmmmm
Vaathapi ganapathim bhajeyyyy
Varana-aasyam vara-pradam shree
Varana-aasyam vara-pradam shree
VAAAAaaaaaaathapi ganapathim bhajeyyyyyyyyy-eeyyyyyy hum

jing chak jing jing chak jing jing chak
ta da nu dheem taree ta ja nu dheem taree thaam takita thaam ta da nu-uuuuuuuuu

Dil se mere door-na jaana-aa
Dil se mere door-na-jaana
Tum meri zindagiiiiii
Tum meri ho khusheee


  1. "Yeh kya hai?"
    "Yeh gadi hai."
    "Gadi kidar hai?"
    "Gadi mej par hai."

  2. :))..Now, I know who gives u company for the kutcheri + rap + jathi..;)
    Tell you what, my smile grew wider and wider as went down the post!!! :)

  3. Dear Ammani,
    hahahahha :-) There surely must be a better way of saying that you didn't get part of the post!! :-))

    Dear Anu,
    Who gives me company? :-( Oh! you mean the hamster? :-)
    hahahaha :-) I was laughing too while I read it... Crazy!

  4. translation for the ungifted?


  5. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Man kyoooon behekaaaaa re behekaaaaaaaaa........
    hmmmmmm what to sing next.....lot more time to go?
    Wu hoo wu hu hu....
    Wu hoo wu huhu
    wu hoooo whu huhu

    Its my lifeeeeeeeeee
    its now or never.....
    I dont live for ever.........

    hmm lemmi sing that will smith song...............Switch, turn it over and hit it
    Turn around, now switch
    Turn it over and hit it
    Ooh, la, la, la...........................................

  6. I didn't understand the post either :|

  7. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Jobless :-). Its a wonder your company hasn't still chucked you out. A hilarious post.


  8. So when are you cutting your new album?

  9. Hi All,
    (sorry can't go name by name)
    This was basically a typical scene while I shower. Singing random songs, using the different items in there (buckets, ceramicware, toothbrushes, bottles, etc.) as accompaniment. Nurhan dearest, no point translating these things; consider it a noisy mix of Bob Dylan, Avril Lavigne, Shaggy, Tarkan and then random noises (which belongs to none but the moment). Wookie dear, what is there to understand? :-) Its simply craziness so dance along... I don't think I can cut albums of this sort, although you never know what will hit high in the market!

    Just random high spirited high pitched singing in the bath!!!

    Its flying, peeepol!!