Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why doubt?

               Why do we
doubt so much? So much
that what remains of a relationship
is nothing more than discordant threads
of suspicion and remote possibilities heard
or read in a book. Of people with many hidden
motives, shrewd designs and cunning wants.
But is that it? Is the world full of
only cunning motives and devious
people? Is every strange
smile on the road, every
purposeless act of reaching
out to someone, filled with
ulterior motives? If I wish
to help someone, must I have
something to want in return
of that service? Is it silly
to do something without much
to want in return? Is it so
that flirting is the only
reason for a girl to say
"Hi" to a guy or smile at
him? Or for a guy to call
upon a plan of a
casual meeting with
a girl? Whatever
happened to
Is it a
Or is
it now

to be innocent?
To reach out


  1. was paying attention until i realised the post was a '?' !!!!
    Verryy cool...
    Oh and i don't have all those answers but i assure u there is still hope...

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  3. Its not impossible to be is just next to impossible to be taken at face value..:)
    good work(with the) eroteme...:D

  4. Dear K,
    Welcome to the blog! Glad you liked the post. :-) Its not as much about finding answers as it is about being aware... Hope for what? :-o

    Dear A,
    Thank you! :-)

    Dear M,
    Awww! Not fair. You are supposed to be the eternal optimist! ;-) Actually this ties in with your comment about secure people. In their search for security (and maintaining it) people doubt and suspect... Everything falls into place so well over time! :-D

  5. I loved the idea of your presentation; an Eroteme post..:)

    May be this is a coincidence; yesterday, when I was sitting alone in my room, I realised I had so many questions for which I haven't found answers..Some day, I may find answers to those or may be I never will, in which case the questions will continue to remain..

    When you ask, "Is it silly to do something without much to want in return?" I would say,
    Nope, in fact it is the most difficult thing to do. But the question that haunts me is this: Is it that wrong to expect something in return?

    To want something in return, may not always have a cunning motive behind it; it could just be a want that grows out of nothing..I would rather choose to call it another kind of innocence..And, the world is not full of cunning motives and devious people..I don't believe so..

    I don't know if what I say makes sense, if it doesn't, then I probably misunderstood the context..

  6. Dear A,
    What you raise is a very valid question. Idealists are quick to say that such things are "bad". No, it is not wrong to want something in return. Some people basically see no point in being pointless always. We pay a grocer an X amount expecting him to give us rice worth X. In other things too, expecting something in return can be mere requirements of a popular notion of decency. So I do not think there is anything wrong in it. But, to assume that the reason behind someone's act is cunning or designed, is what makes me sigh and frown. Underlying that is an assumption that everyone has some motive to do something else "why would they waste time doing these things"? Am I clearer now?

  7. Dear E, I follow..:)and I agree. That doubt is indeed poison.

  8. Thank u :) will be back
    there is still hope for innocence... that there are people who do stuff without ulterior motives... etc etc.

  9. First - Nice question mark" :-)

    Isn't this the eternal problem? Isn't this 'feeling' of doing something for something knitted into our very fabric of 'existence'? Isn't it the prime rule of survival in nature?

    If it were not for the green grass there wouldn't be animals ... you know the cycle ... point is - the sun which gives us light and is also the source of all existence - what does it get in return - where does it re fuel itself - there must be something ... in answer to such questions we bring in GOD.

    So, if innocence is doing something without expectations - then WHY do we do things - like praying and sacrificing EXPECTING God's grace or answers to prayers? So, innocence goes out the window the momment mom tells the kid to pray to god for that cute red bike. Its ground in that you've got to do something to get something and vice versa.

    Well, I dont believe in the above written - True I grew up expecting a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye ... expecting to be loved in return for love.

    Life taught me otherwise. I knew God does not ask us to get hurt in order to experience happiness - we do that ourselves ...

    Ok, I've got to go. Mom needs to make a call - I really need to get that broad band connection ... Shall see you later :-)

  10. A lot of ?'s within the huge ?.

    Well, I dont seem to have any answers. Guess, each would finally obtain his/her own answers to these ?'s.

    A great post!

  11. Parvati3:56 PM


    In the Mahabharat, this is exactly how Kalyug is described. Every single straight ray of light is twisted and distorted and destroyed to such an extent that it ceases to be light and becomes a ray of dark evil.

    Innocence?!!! What the hell is that? Where are YOU living? On this earth? Or in a Paradise of Rainbow coloured dreams?

    Get real.

    You seem to be a person of surprising purity of character to even think of questioning these already well established reactions in society and the world. That is how the world is; so to keep yourself safe from these stupid but neverending reactions of the world and its people, understand them and act accordingly!