Sunday, October 02, 2005

A little Urdu poetry...

This was a post I had put up a long time ago. Suddenly its relevance struck me and I decided to post it afresh. I am still looking for the rest of the ghazal! This is the problem with writing on grocery bills and Pizza Hut paper napkins!! :-(
Autumn was recently in the discussion I had with a friend, and love is always in the air!! ;-)

Yoon hi hasta rahta hoon,
Is dard ki koi dava na mili.
Fitrat ko pat-jhar jaise,
Dil ko woh aashiqui mili.

I laugh away my days, now,
No salve to assuage the pain.
Like Nature begot Autumn,
This heart bore a lover's name.


  1. Guys, I am sorry. I really need to enable the "Word verification for comments". Everytime I have a new post up, I get about half a dozen anonymous comments. I have mostly always deleted them, but it gets a little tiring. I have two options: disable anonymous comments (and I won't do that for sentimental reasons) or enable "Word verification". I choose the latter...
    I am sorry if this forces you to enter a few more alphabets... :-|


  2. That was nice :-)

    *sigh* typing out the extra words are worth it in your blog.

    O yes, I got my new eye glasses ...

  3. Beautiful poetry and beautiful pictures :)

  4. I write on grocery bills, too.

    Your second image is very captivating. Almost haunting and I keep coming back to it. I love its composition and its monochromatic quality...Where was it taken?

    Like your ghazal, I also think that Nature conceived Autumn with love in mind, which is yet another reason to call it fall...I hope you find the rest of it.

  5. Dear L,
    Thank you. Glad you didn't have to strain your eyes reading this one... :-)

    Dear W,
    Merci! :-)

    Dear NotR,
    I needed the 2nd image to transition from the colourfulness of early Autumn to the barenness it assumes later... Glad you liked it. :-)

  6. wah wah!!:)

    tamanne-e-bahaar mein patjhar bhi kaat lenge,
    kabhi hamare baagh mein bhi phool khilenge!!

    (corny but ya I am the eternal optimist!!)

  7. Hi M,
    And why not be an eternal optimist? :-) Nice one you wrote... Thanks for sharing it with us...

  8. hey the first pic of those dryleavescarpet was absolut!!!


  9. Hey M,
    Thanks! But "absolut" what? :-o