Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Journey Begins...

He thought it would be an ordinary journey. Standing behind the pillar he watched the train snort arrogantly into the station. With each snort he was reminded of his grandfather's words "You will fail in the city and return penniless"; with every heavenward whistle, he heard his cousin, "Don't worry. Come here and I will get you a job at the construction site." Now he had a 34-hour journey to prove one of them wrong, and he expected the excitement at the end of the journey. He looked at his ticket once again: compartment S9 berth 23.
(Everything below the dashed line above should be copied and pasted with every accepted tag)

This is a Story Tree and is best nurtured as follows:
1. A blogger can add only 90-100 words (not more or less) at a time
2. All previous snippets of 90-100 words need to be copied before the new set of 90-100 words are appended.
3. Each entire snippet should be linked to the respective author (and not just the first sentence or so)
4. Characters, scenes, etc. can be introduced by an author
5. Bizarre twists, sci-fi, fantasy sequences are best avoided.
6. A tag must be accepted within 7 days else the branch is a dead branch
7. After appending 90-100, the Story Tree can be passed on to at most 3 bloggers.
8. If more than 1 branch leads to a blogger, s/he is free to choose any one of them but cannot mix the snippets of the individual branches.
9. The Story Tree is best left to grow than concluded
10. Please attach the image of the Story Tree below with each accepted tag (the link address can be copied and used).


I would like to pass on the Story Tree to Meera, Anupama and Prabha.


  1. Hi, I have added a branch..:)

  2. Perhaps we can put this in a separate BLOG with a new post showing every single branch and path that the story will be quite a pain for somebody to follow each and every path.

  3. Dear A,

    Dear S,
    That is an alternative, but there is fun in chasing too. Secondly, I feel that the logistics of one blog for this could be quite convoluted...

  4. Madhu Sundar4:20 PM


    You know me. Madhu!

    Quite honestly, your fifty worded story was much more complete than your 90 worded one. (The one about love following 50 years hence).

    No, not a romantic, but just a feedback. Either way, you write swell.

  5. Hi Madhu,
    Of course I remember you! :-) This story is not meant to be complete. It is meant to grow into something different (at least that is what I envision!). It is growing on certain blogs! :-)
    Glad you liked the 50 worded one.

  6. Madhu Sundar4:35 PM


  7. Madhu Sundar4:45 PM

    Just followed the trail after you told me (Numbskull me!). Good effort, but I wonder how one would keep track of all the "branches"? Wouldn't you, for a start? Havig started it all?

  8. Dear Madhu,
    I agree. It is difficult, but... :-) Let's wait and watch. I have different plans for it... ;-)

  9. Hey Er...

    Ever tried following the branches of this tree?

    I know it has been a long time. Hope you are doing fine!