Monday, May 16, 2005

Colours in black and white...

Yards of green undulating
A litte pink and a lot of gold
Mustard with red beating
Your love, to someone sold

Diaphanous for the fresh bride
Sanguine for the shy betrothed
Dark colours, but black aside
Thus fair skins shall be clothed

Here I see some bubbles
And there some merry flowers
Heavenly azure with tassels
A delight to end the hours

The colourful ringing prattle
Amidst the various grains
Shakes his head, to their battle
Between temples and plains

Such colour can never be lost
Not to the moist clouded eye.
Who holds the maroon, tossed
With memories, time can't deny.

Scant grey hair with no vermillion
Clean white is all she will wear.
But he had bought her blues prussian
And tucked flowers in her hair.

I watch her relive those sweet moments
The silks she gripped, were his warm hands.
They shelved the cloths, those merchants.
Life slid away as she held some dark strands.


  1. Eroteme, That is lot of visual detail captured in writing - A painting in words - I just went constructing the "Yards of green undulating A litte pink and a lot of gold". :)

    "Scant grey hair with no vermillion
    Clean white is all she will wear." - If I understood it right, these lines signify the irony and if it is the case, you have captured it beautifully, esp in the last verse..:)

    I am only unhappy that I don't get to see the enhancing pic on the side - What could be wrong? :(

  2. Dear A,
    Glad to find you back on my blog... :-)
    It was ironic to watch the lady sit there, the only one in white, looking around her and... :-|

    Glad you liked it... :-)

    No clue why the picture doesn't come up. Maybe the connection is slow...

  3. hi Eroteme, there are loads of colours you seem to have played with in your poem...that also, colours that reflect various moods, emotions and situations in life..I guess the sudden shift from bright and vibrant colours to a more serene, vacant white is what mellows down the asked me in your last post about the difference between an artist and painter..i guess words or for that matter language is not always able to communicate everything that we feel...a painter can be far more expressive that ways as he/she has visual means to convey it...ofcourse, it depends completely on him whether he wishes to express his feelings most vibrantly and discreetly through his paintings..modern art definitely is not the thing i am talking about here..but then also the choice of colours reflect the kind of atmosphere the artist intends to create. A writer might not always be able to do the same. Coz words might not be always the best tool to draw an image that resides in your heart!

  4. Dear A (no, no. Not you Anupama),
    What you say about writers vis-a-vis painters/visual artists, is quite true. One doesn't get to go beyond the realm of what a word permits us to fathom. But that is really what makes a splendid writer. When a writer can use a normal word/phrase in a context no one had ever thought of, then we have a new colour, a new image...

    Their media are different and hence comparing the facilities of one against the absence in the other wouldn't be just. I suppose I would go madly in love when I saw Camille's painting as well as when I read Tennyson.

  5. Hi again Eroteme, I agree with you... I however believe that words are sometimes not apt enough to express all our waking and abstract thoughts...but u are absolutely right when u say that visual perception makes a good writer out of a person...which is why I like Dickens and Joyce so much....

  6. Anonymous5:00 AM

    I dont know what I liked the most. The splash of colors in this poem or the lady in white with moist eyes or you observing everything.

    Good poetry.


  7. Dear M&B,
    Glad you liked it. What to like amongst the 3? Me, me, me, me, me!!!! :-))

  8. Delightful interplay of colours, textures and words.
    What more can I say? ;-)

  9. Beautifully done. Have you perhaps read "choker bali" by rabindranath tagore or seen its recent picturisation by rituporno ghosh?

  10. Don't know if I got what was intended. It certainly made me feeling all gooey. Thank you.

  11. Dear a,
    Whats gooey? The last time I heard that word someone was licking chocolate of their fingers while in the sun... :-o

    Dear m,
    Glad you liked it. I have heard of it, but I didn't watch it because it had Ash in it (and I don't think she does a decent job to the role she plays). Is it good? My sis told me that the story is good, but I am still looking for a Bengali who would read it out to me and explain it to me. I usu. treat a translation as an entirely new work so the original beauty is displaced.

    Dear M,
    You can say a lot, milady!! You are the lady of the words! :-) Glad to find you back on my blog and thanks for the comment...

  12. that is a really nice poem, but the picture is kind of scarey

    why are u so sophisticated

  13. Dear N,
    Glad you liked it.
    Its meant to be the mask that the lady shed when she was placed in the midst of memories pulled up before her eyes with silken threads and drapes...

    I am sophisticated? :-o
    Nurhan, since you might might not be familiar with Indian clothing and styles, I think this might help you:
    Temple is a kind of design used along the border of a saree (clothing of women in India). Plains are, well, plains. :-)

  14. gooey - Pronunciation Key (g)
    adj. goo·i·er, goo·i·est
    soft and sticky and feeling all funny inside

  15. vibrant colours of the bride and the clean white of the woman with grey hair-very well cpatured.the last stanzas evoke feelings of sorrow,maybe cos of a sense of loss.

  16. Dear W,
    Glad you liked it. The loss, is not absolute...

    Dear a,
    Not sure whether that is a good feeling to have (and then you thank me at the end of it, ensuring the onset of total confusion!). :-|

  17. Anonymous4:22 PM

    dear u
    lovely work as most times (except when u have a profound thought and dont have the right words!!!!!)
    the peom reminded me so much of someone very dear to me...........
    love always

  18. Hi Eroteme,
    Really nice the way uve used all those colours!
    Keep coming with these kinda posts :)

  19. Dear a,
    glad indeed!

    Dear P,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, lots of people to recall with this poem... :-| And when did I have a profound thought and stay unable to communicate it? I mean, when did I have a profound thought? ;-)

    Dear p,
    Thank you. Glad you liked. With these kinda posts? Hmmm. My blog would lose all its colour and have only one shade...

  20. Parvati11:04 PM

    Striking Picture! - goes with the stunning colours in the poem, and also the starkness of the lady and her "moist clouded eyes"...