Saturday, May 14, 2005

Back to business

I let a quiet week pass in order to gather my ideas as well people's opinion related to the literary journal. Let me just call it a magazine. Journal makes it sound too important like a nose pointing to the stars.

I got to speak to a few people offline (for instance, on the telephone line) and they don't think it is an altogether crazy thing. Glad. I am fairly enthu about it and whether it is a success or not I think I would still like to go ahead with it...

I had some nice surprises in the last week. I was researching other literary journals and came across a few blogs where literature and writing as such is tracked and followed and discussed. I was so glad to find them. Some of them are typically like any of our blogs (although updated more frequently). Here are some of them:

Indian Writing
Caferati (thanks DV)
Chekov's Mistress
The Page
Arts and Daily
Arts Journal
LitBlog Co-op
Conversational Reading
The Reading Experience

Apart from these, the author of Indian Writing offered this link to me:
The Little Mag
I wasn't expecting any mag in India related to literary affairs, and was half glad half sad to be lead to one... :-)( (that doesn't look half sad half happy! That looks like Hercule Poirot!!!)

Continuing with the torrent of comparison between my writing (including the ones on this blog) and other authors, Amrita mentions that my "idli-story" (see Wookie? Idli. Spelt correct :-) reminds her of ammani's "quick tales". I ask myself: "What/who is ammani?" and then let it slip by like one lets the waves drag the sand from under you while tickling your toes... Maybe it was a spelling mistake and she wanted to say something else...

Today I find a friend's offliner:
I asked myself: "What might this be?" Since we were talking odd stuff earlier I thought that this might be some blog she spotted related to Jiddu Krishnamurthi (don't ask me how I reconciled to the missing extra "k"). I chase the link and land on Ammani's (with the uppercase "A") blog. I couldn't help smile at the picture which was part of her profile and verily, her life. Fun picture. Lucky her. Lucky kid. Then my eye's fell on the "Quick tale". Aaah! Amrita. She was talking about this... :-)

So I read a few (nearly all) of her posts. Interesting blog. This is the second blog (Melancholetta being the first) that has come to me from various directions (numbering being done for the present financial year; the previous year had its own share :-). Maybe you guys would like the blog too... Lots of mushy stuff and/but good! (the sharp ones would have caught me had I used a "but" and the one I live with would have caught me had I used an "and"!!! ;-)

Don't know what I have in store for this week... or what the week has in store for me...
I want to work on my Tao blog which is fairly neglected as well as the creativity and ideas blog which is also neglected (sorry John).

Let's see...


  1. Blogworld works in mysterious ways. I remember reading one of your comments on someone else's blog a while ago. It was about how to write. I thought it was excellently written and subsequently landed here. I then nominated one of your posts for a blog mela (cheeky me!) and then forgot all about it. Now your comment on my blogsite and a mention here. Thank you ever so much.

  2. Dear A,
    So it was you who nominated me!! A friend had mailed me saying "E, your blog got a mention". I was raking my brains trying to figure how my blog landed itself a mention on that site. Now things fall into place! :-)
    Glad you dropped by. I wasn't half expecting you to come here (with so many people commenting on your blog it would be tiresome visiting all their blogs!). Thanks for the visit.


  3. jikku looked like jiddu to ya?(rolls eyes:P)

  4. :-(

    jikku didn't look like jiddu, I thought parts of Jiddu Krishnamurthy (the ones in bold) went on to form jikku... I need help!

  5. HI eroteme, thats a nice reading list u have provided! will surely check it out.