Friday, January 14, 2005

Why I love not a woman?

I love this poet!! Ha ha ha ha!!

They smile then laugh a little so,
Burst into sweet giggles before the run.
Rings in my head and wants to know,
Why not I love a woman?

Skirts & tassels & all that fuss,
Flowers in tresses & hair in ribbon.
Deck their selves & ask me thus,
Why not I love a woman?

Such gaze in which the sun does bask.
Greys or browns & filled with fun,
They stop me in sleep, in wake & ask,
Why not I love a woman?

Their sweet caress with lips so pink,
Bosoms which leave my soul undone.
As I hold each close to me, I think,
Why not I love a woman?

You grab & ask with earnest true,
Why not love one o' these women?
I do , I do, I swear, I do,
Not one but all these women!


  1. Aren't you supposed to credit the poet? Who is he? :)

  2. Parvati3:47 PM

    Eroteme, "Soul undone" is such a speaking phrase especially in the line it comes in!

    No news there - non-exclusivity clause in relationships, "there were thousands before you and thousands after you" etc etc...

    Would be funny if it weren't so disgusting...