Friday, January 14, 2005

Listen.. Shush... Just listen

It is difficult for me to listen nowadays. I sit back and hear so many voices, some belonging to a face and some whose face I will never see. The head is a bantam house which is home to the voices of the world. And beyond...

The incessant conversations in my head are growing to be painful and are verily, the reason why I am alive. I do not wish them away, nor do I see them helping me in a tangible manner.

Pray tell me what am I to do while I sit back and let the voices speak? Currently, they are all speaking together and helping me type this out.

Aha! got it. Now I got it...

Don't listen to me... I have a lot to listen to, myself.

1 comment:

  1. Parvati3:38 PM

    Eroteme, if the voices are the reason for your beautiful writings, you are welcome to them; we are welcome to them! Go ahead and do all the listening, and we will wait with bated breath for the sounds to turn to light in your blogs...