Saturday, January 08, 2005

Nimbus Nimbus

hahahahahah :D
We need more guys like this. Honestly. What would the world be without such guys? I think we should have a campaign where every school student (definitely) and anybody else (would it be correct to say "any body"?) should take ownership of a tree or a rock or something which is a part of nature and take total responsibility for it. They should be given full permission to sue anyone who tries to harm what they own (like a chattel?). Insurance policies should also exist for these! hahahaha :D wouldn't that be cool? Don't let your dog near by tree. What? Urgent? Who cares? Take it to your rock.
Read this article which I read in The Hindu. Score tied for The Hindu. One horrible article balanced by a classy article. I am sure I will find a lot more of horrible articles, but then hey! let's be impartial.

Claiming the clouds

By Vladimir Radyuhin

MOSCOW, JAN. 7. There is a latter-day Don Quixote on the horizon. A Russian lawyer has claimed ownership rights of all the clouds across the world — in order to protect them from pollution. Vladimir Osipov, from the town of Yeisk in Russia's south, has sent to the governments of 150 countries an official notarised document declaring this.

Legal experts said it was evidently an unsustainable claim. But they admit there is a loophole in the international law governing natural resources. "Rivers, lakes and other natural resources belong to the state on whose territory they are situated," said Vladimir Lygin, a lawyer. "There is a need to draw up a law banning attempts to claim private ownership of such things as clouds."


  1. I like this man! :)

  2. Parvati2:38 PM

    Cute guy! But surely he must have known the uselessness of the whole noble gesture, howsoever sincere his attitude, since he himself is a lawyer..