Saturday, January 15, 2005

What an avid blogger really needs...

Basically what we need is a way to record our thoughts as and when they occur and then with least effort transfer them to our blogs...

Recording our thoughts as and when they occur is best done using a microrecorder (this is the one I have, not the best but decent enough). What we now need is a software to translate voice into text and then post it to our blogs as a draft. When stored as a draft all we need to do is edit any minor errors in the translation (voice to text).

Not sure whether this already exists, but seemed worthwhile putting it down. Maybe someone who reads this might implement it.

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  1. Parvati4:35 PM

    @Eroteme: Check out this website for a product that allows the computer to convert to text your speech / dictation. Just as there are TTS or text to speech synthesizers there are also products to convert speech to text on computers. Maybe this will be helpful to you to note down what you think into the computer without having to type out tediously..