Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Book of Nothing

This book by John D Barrow, is quite an interesting book. I am still reading it although my mind isn't readily attached to the book. A little too mathematical and sometimes purely historical. With a title like that I would expect something semi-philosophical. But alas! not much of the book contains that. The quotes sprinkled generously throughout the book are a cheerful read and some made me grip my stomach while I read them and rolled off my chair (well, nearly rolled off). A poem called the "Prayse of Nthing" (nope, no typos in that) was mentioned in the book. So I googled, but couldn't find it. Here it is nevertheless...

Nothing was first, and shall be last
for nothing holds for ever
And nothing ever et scap't death
so can't the longest liver
Nothing's so Immortall, nothing can,
From crosses ever keepe a man
Nothing can live, when the world is gone
for all shall come to nothing

A lot has been written about nothing. The most interesting tale of nothing is found in this verse from the Tao Te Ching.

Still more to come about this book that I am reading. Or I just might have nothing to say...

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  1. Parvati3:57 PM

    The verse from Tao is truly perfect!