Friday, January 21, 2005

And the day opened up...

What better way to start your day at work?
I got into my car and turned on the ignition. The dials gave one sweeping smile and looked at me deeply. The music system sensed my mood and played the "Quiet Sunset" (track from the Percussions of the World). An exotic blend of the wooden flute and drums. The volume was already set high, and the music enveloped my entire world for a long time. I stepped on the gas and slid out of the parkway onto the road. A smile was inevitable.
As I eased on the roads, my engine hummed along with the music that soothed my nerves. The flute notes were native and deep. Sounded a bit like the Chinese flute but far less shrill. As I quickened my pace on the road, a bunch of kids ran along the road. They had finished their morning game in the sand and cement bags that lined the new construction site. I hit the horn to warn them. They suddenly hurried to the flanks of the mud road excitedly, pigtails and foot-long skirts waving madly in the breeze. They stopped and turned around to smile and giggle at the car which gave them their sudden rush of adrenaline thereby making their day more eventful. Well, those big eyes in the small face which carried more happy teeth than I have ever seen, surely made my day. A small boy (wasn't more than a couple of feet tall)You dare not come close on the other side of the path stood arms akimbo trying to establish to the world around him and especially to the girls across the road, that he wasn't afraid of anything. I revved the engine a little and blew the horn again to watch him back off quickly and climb the sand pile before he resumed his earlier pose. The girls were quite impressed by him and were giggling and had started whispering in my rear view mirror.
The sun was warm and the rays seem to pulsate with the dum-dum......dum-dum......dum-dum of the bongos. The flute played along with the wind that lapped my face with teasing sunshine. I watched as most people hurried down the road towards work. The trees that lined the road were frivolous with the hopes from the day that lay ahead. Or was it simply the breeze playing amongst the green folds of leaves? A few flowers fell groundward. They would suddenly raise themselves in the air, like young women over a fence, thanks to a speeding car that passed close to them. I stopped long enough to watch the eddies of dust coloured with sunbeams, before I was reminded that not everyone following my car had the time for swirls and whirls!
Enjoy your tripThe road to my office is undulating and has many little hillocks to climb. What I liked most about the road that took me to office today was the synchronisation. Today the music and the road and the turns were all in harmony. The crescendo of beats reached at the top of a hillock rolled down as I drove down and moved into a medley of beats and wind instruments while I made my way turning and tricking meanders and labyrinths.
Nice way to start a day at work...


  1. ... and I am smiling...

    That was lovely :-)

  2. Well, I am still smiling...
    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Parvati5:39 PM

    "Happy teeth" indeed!

    And "eddies of dust coloured with sunbeams" - Charming use of simple English words..