Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And I roam thus...

It's been a hard couple of weeks that separate my posts. Lots of work and lots of planning and lots of time spent realising that no amount of planning will help you remember to pack your toothbrush... you just have to remember it. In order to re-establish the validity of my earlier post, Providence has moved me out of my current place of physical residence into a city I never thought I liked. It was a tough time packing and planning and moving. Mom did a lot of the work (more about her later) while I managed the high-level details (yeah right!). I have been traveling like a mad man in a period of 5-7 days!!

I am undecided about whether I should be happy or sad or indifferent about what has happened. I am not too attached with Hyderabad, so I am not sure whether I miss her. I am not too fond of Madras so I am not sure whether I should jump in joy. I didn't like the fat man on the train, so I am not sure whether I can still hold traveling by train as a nice experience!

I am glad that I get to be with my best pal but I miss the people of Hydi. I am glad that I am far away from the hard-water of Hydi but I miss the winters there. I am glad to be here before Marghayyi/~zhi starts, but I also get the rest of the year to live here and that appears scary!!

So many pairs of yanking opposites and contrary impulses... That's life here, folks!
Will be back with more later...


  1. Welcome to Singara Chennai!

  2. Parvati8:35 PM

    "Author and actor with himself as the scene.."

    That's what each of us is in this world, not only creating our own destinies, but allowing destiny, in turn, to shape, make and create our persons / personality and nature...

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    lol... stop being so nyyyyack about madras! i promise you its a lovely place - 22 years of experience talking ok? :)


  4. you must put down madras, mustnt you?

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    A child was lost in playing with her favourite toy but her father decided she had played enough and hid the toy ! The child started crying. Her father was sorry for her, lulled her for a while. She is happy again and her father is making her do her homework.

    Will she get to play with the toy again ?


  6. People in Hyderabad also miss you and winter here is for sure beautiful:) I hope you will soon be done with all the "Higher level details" and be back to be with all mere mortals like me;)

  7. scared of living in madras?????/ u've got to be kidding me. there is nothing to worry about now that the city has water too. That was the only thing wrong with it!!!!

    Trust me, with madras u can never go wrong. :)

    Hope u have a blast.

  8. Dear K,
    Thanks! :-)

    Dear P,
    Very true, but it does get perplexing at times to not know what destiny is upto! ;-)

    Dear Anon-m.
    What else does your promise entail? ;-)

    Dear P,
    Not really putting Madras down! Just thinking aloud... ;-)

    Dear Anon-S,
    I think more than whether she will get to play with the toy or not, what might interest us is "Is everything in life merely a toy?" :-D

    Dear A,
    Sure will sure will... Nice to have your word that people in Hydi miss me! :-)

    Dear M,
    Even when the city gets water it scares people!! :-O Come on... I hope I have a good time! Blast is really asking for too much! ;-)