Sunday, January 29, 2006

Making a difference

Warning: What follows is fairly bland for artists

I got a mail from a fellow blogger. She brought this article in ET to my notice. I was delighted to read about this. It takes a lot of courage and conviction to do something like this. And this provides fodder to all those vacilating hearts, which remain undecided about what they must do with their lives... Hats off to these guys; whether they succeed or fail is irrelevant.


  1. Eroteme: I had read about this political party in

    and felt as though there was just sunshine and hope all over the world.

    I do hope this little golden light-drop will grow into a sun actually living up to its name of Paritrana...

  2. You had to mention vacillating hearts? Sigh! It takes tremendous courage - sometimes talking about what we could be is so much easier that attempting to get there :(

  3. Ah! Now I got a chance to comment on this...

    I have always wanted to enter politics but did not take it up seriously for fear of becoming a bad apple..

    I hope these students would provide inspiration and a guidance to a lot of youngsters who want to do something for our country!