Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It is true...

It is true that I feel different today. I am unable to put my finger on what exactly I feel like, but I am glad that I am clueless; that should tell you how different I feel today...

I feel like running
Running over streams
Running under a bridge while a train chugs on it
Running around the tree till it feels dizzy and sheds its fruits
Running with the goats and in all the directions the kids skip
Running through the lush green of paddy, with the hope that others shall feed on this excitement
Running on the beach clapping hands with slapping waves
Running amongst family and hearing them shout out to me to take care

I feel like laughing
Laughing with the birds that tango in the wind
Laughing with the rain trotting along my roof
Laughing till I cough and then laugh because I managed to cough
Laughing while the bathers watch me take their clothes and run away
Laughing without opening my mouth
And then open it to guffaw
Laugh like my grandmother while her dentures lie elsewhere

I feel like being silent
Silent while the evening breeze wraps in shades of colourless indigo
Silent like the sunrise
Silent like the pleasure of holding her new born child
Silent while thin roots unite with the magnanimous earth
Silent like a caress
Silent like a shy gaze
Silent like the conversation of hearts separated by miles...

I feel all this and yet more... People would say I am in love. For once, I agree.

I have found love - again.


  1. You forgot to mention skip, fly and jump too, as are "imposed by love on love's heart that obeys."

    You do sound happy, dear. :)

    # 'shades of colourless indigo',

    'running around a tree till it feels dizzy and sheds its fruits',

    'thin roots unite with the magananimous earth',

    'silent like the sunrise, like a shy gaze'

    - all these lines are pure classic Eroteme...

    Loved it after the great 'Descent into Night'.

  2. wow! Your words made me happy for no reason :)

  3. Dear P,
    Thank you! :-) I am glad you enjoyed it...

    Dear W,
    What greater pleasure than making friends happy!? :-)

    Dear L,
    Good for that guy in the post... not for me! :-)

  4. I feel like this most of the time... What's love got to do with it? :-P

    Insanity fits the bill too!

  5. Dear M,
    So who said love and lunacy are any different!!?? ;-p

  6. Awesome, Eroteme... simply awesome.