Sunday, January 29, 2006

A duet...

Fall unto me
To my hard parched crust.
Bereft of you
I am amorphous dust.

Where else shall I go?
To you I shall longingly cling
With a helpless love
A pitter, a patter I sing

But a great lover you are,
Making such a heavenly descent
What do I have to give you?
No stars, no angels, nor a crescent

Without a bed am I
And a soft one you give.
Mountains for shoulders,
Green valleys to live.

But in your fall you rise
The petrichor, my blush.
A divine love's serenade,
In the voice of a thrush.

As you rise to meet me
With your soil I shall merge
And this world, in our love, shall-
Bloom with passionate urge.

This is dedicated to Madhura, who inspired this poem, in her own unique way...


  1. Madhura7:39 PM

    Thank you. I am humbled. What have I to give you? No stars, no angels, nor a crescent...

  2. Dear M,
    Thank you...

    Dear P,
    Glad you liked it... love does a lot but this time it was something more spiritual that forms the reason behind this post... :-)

  3. As you rise to meet me
    with your soil shall I emerge.

    You know, this reminds me of something. There was this history lesson I took in high school. We were learning about the Hindu religion in South India. Something like that. In it, there was a line that hass been tucked in my head ever since.
    It was said in context to the Alvars and Nayanars I think.
    That there poetry to the supreme was written with such passion, that it personifies love for another being.
    Your poetry reminds me that a lot. Ethereally good.

  4. Dear Prat,
    Thank you for your comment and welcome to this blog. It is most flatterring to be compared to the divine poets.