Thursday, January 12, 2006


Shall I call Life a winter's night,
Long, with longer dreams?
Or call it a mid-summer's day
A warmth too late, it seems?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    To me winter nights and mid-summer days are tough. Wouldn't recommend comparing life to them ;)

    Life is so very beautiful :)


  2. To me, life is a winter's day, short with shorter dreams, and it is too a mid-summer's night, a warmth too late, but hey! with stars too many...
    I can neither damn it freely nor embrace it wholeheartedly - either I am the paradox or Life is!

  3. Dont think can compare it to both...

  4. Dear Anon-S,
    Indeed Life is beautiful, but how bereft of beauty is a winter's night or a summer day?

    Dear P,
    Life a paradox? hmmm

    Dear W,
    Glad you like it! :-)

    Dear P,

  5. Hmm..Ok..Can I try? I think both definitions apply equally well to the life of someone who longs to hold on to something - It's like a winter's night with long dreams and also a mid-summer's day where you feel the warmth arrived a bit late..Yes? :)..No? :(

  6. can warmth ever be too late?

  7. ...Call Life a Seasonal Delight,
    With warmth and dreams intervowen,
    For the short spell of the witnessor.

    Regarding your blog sub title - "I am what I think"
    I would rather say - I am what I feel. Feelings came prior to thoughts - didnt they ?

    Enjoyed reading your posts.

  8. "Shall I call Life a winter's night,
    Long, with longer dreams?
    Or call it a mid-summer's day
    A warmth too late, it seems?"

    "Shall I call Life an Autumn Noon,
    Sulking sultriness;
    Or Maybe a Beautiful Spring Evening,
    which takes my breath away!

    Life - is no Life if we dont make the Full circle."

  9. Sorry for the delay...

    Dear AV,
    It is less a question that seeks an answer than a draught that seeks a path.

    Dear A,
    Glad you like it. :-)

    Dear M,
    Good question! I should ask a corpse carried away from under the snow, wrapped in a blanket and encased in a coffin... :-)

    Dear S,
    Nice one. I like your poetic response! The minute you ask "didnt they ?" we are in the realm of thought. The "I" to me is in the realm of thought and hence "I am what I think" :-) Glad to hear that the posts are to your liking...

    Dear L,
    True... very true. You capture things well... :-)

  10. Anonymous4:19 AM

    then again, the corpse would not know life would it?
    as log as there is life, the warmth is never "too" late.