Friday, March 23, 2007

Did I?

This is something that has become so common that it is less of a joke now. I tend to forget what I have written (except, maybe for some posts, but their content too is alien to me) and today I was fetching some links for our friend Musings.. when I stumbled on this free verse. Gosh! not only was it a surprise to me early in the morning, I had a tough time recalling what made me write it. I think it was something to do with the towel once I came out of the bath, but not sure. I frankly do not recall writing it at all. I think it is a case of senile decay!! :-( But the funny part is if the posts surprise me, the drafts surprise me even more. I seem to have as many drafts as published posts and each one makes me wonder whether someone else has the password to my blog, and has been coming over to create drafts!! :-o

As a dear friend tells me, "E, how about reading your own blog!?" :-D


  1. you know A,
    i had a real good laughter after reading this post of yours...
    and people around me would have thought that i've gone bonkers!!

    hmmm...i think youve gone old!
    and if still ur statement is

    "I yearn for the butterfly caress
    Of a lady who shall call me hers"

    May God help you!!

  2. Dear S,
    How are you? Long time no see/hear/write. Good to know you had a good laugh! :-D Of course I am all old and of course that statement ain't true!! :-D How've you been?

  3. I know what you mean. These days I am accumulating more drafts than real posts :) And for the most part I have no clue when and why I wrote any of those.

  4. I can understand... :)

  5. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Hi! Eroteme!

    Just been to the comments on "A stray thought"

    Agree with you that it is better to explore Life in all it's hues...I am into many things too.

    Well...just a scrap of paper with some of your scribbles got so many responses...

    Just imagine the deluge of comments if you post all your drafts!!!

    May be some aliens are taking over your blog ...or is it selective amnesia? just kiddin..:)

    Have to hop to that Verse now...



  6. Dear M(TSU),
    But drafts are real posts too... :-) They just aren't real to others, like my friend Travis or the little black with red eyes which followed me up every flight of stairs I climbed (climbed? more like ran) till I was 6! :-) So any clue why we don't remember things? :-)

    Dear P,

    Dear Anon-U,
    Well, I'd rather not imagine!! I think I'll post when those posts want to be out in the open!! :-D So did you read the free-verse? :-)

  7. I read my own blog all the time! Thats why I write ;)

  8. eat badams and you too will have a sharp memory like me :)

  9. Dear R,
    Maybe I should do so too! :-)

    Dear S,
    I eat nearly all the edible nuts and whether my brain is sharp or not, other parts of me are growing larger and rounder! :-(

  10. followed the link..:)

    nice! a complete descritpion of those moments, the longing for that someone special..or ..
    the water needs to flow somewhere..:)

  11. Dear mr,
    Glad you found it so... :-)