Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That one patron

I have ruffled a dozen souls to get the first 1-2 lines of this. Unfortunately, most recordings of this song do not have this opening dialogue (and Gulzar sahab has this wonderful story to tell about how Pancham-da responded to his idea of introducing dialogues in between a song) and searching all over the internet didn't quite help me. I had to force my mom to search for the music tape and play it for me 5 times over and over again (over the telephone :-)!!! Now you know why she'd rather leave me here in Bangalore! ;-)

This is how the beautiful song, "Tum aa gaye ho, noor aa gaya hai" starts in some rare recordings. Of the songs in the movie Aandhi, I like Tere bina zindagi, the most, but this dialogue (which I hope I am reproducing correctly) is beautiful and interesting from an artist/creator's point of view. I'll tell you why... (SK: Sanjeev Kumar, SS: Suchitra Sen)

SK: Aa tumko uttaloon kandon par
Tum uchakkar shareer honton se
Choom lena ye chaand ka maatha (I always thought it was chaand gavaah tha!)
Aaj ki raath dekha na tumne
Kaise jhuk jhuk ke kohniyon ke bal
Chaand itna kareeb aaya hai. (Sorry, I won't translate this beautiful free-verse)

SS: (simmering laughter) Beautiful, wonderful.
SK: Achchi hai na?
SS: Bahut achchi hai.
SK: Pata hai, jab tum achcha kehti ho, to bahut hi achcha lagta hai.
SS: Tumare paas ye kavita na hoti to tum bahut ordinary aadmi hotey.
SK: Kaise na hoti. Baarah saal ka tha jab mashairon padna shuru kiya tha (not sure about this one)
SS: Tumne saarey kaam baarah saal ke umarr mein hi kar liye (This line will be understood only if you watch the movie)
SK: Haaan! Saarey kaam baarah saal ke umarr mein kar liye... sivaiy shaadi ki.
SS: (laughs) Woh kyoon nahin ki?
SK: Tum jo nahin mili varna woh bhi kar leta.
SS: Hmmm?
SK: Hmmm
SS: Bach gaye tum, varna kunwaarey reh jaatey.

Even today this exchange makes me smile. I grew up listening to this on all kinds of music systems, and would recite it without understanding a word (there was a time when I didn't understand Hindi/Urdu well). The line in red, is what struck me today. Every artist, has this special person in their life, and it is this person's opinion that matters most to them. It could be their husband, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, teacher (which is mostly so in my case), idol... someone, whose smile is the morning sunshine and whose nod is the dance of trees in Spring. Just wanted to share this...


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Recently i heard someone saying that "Patthar ki haveli ko sheeshe ke gharondon mein, tinkon ke nasheman tak" makes no sense and thats when i landed up at the link which you provided in your post today and i took a print of it and read it out to the person who commented.Today when i was reading your post i was reminded of the incident.
    "Tere bina is an excellent song,for me it was the first instance where i heard dialogue's in middle of the song and then the trend followed but i guess the beauty of it all was highest in this movie:)
    True,Every artist has their own special people in their life whose opinion matters and i keep wondering who it would be for Gulzar now that R.D is no more:) Isn't it true that same applies to every person who loves a form of art also,i am no artist {like you} but still when i write about music or when i am reading something or when i am listening to something i would want to share it with that one person who knows what i am feeling,who can feel it also and who has the same smile at that moment.Do i make sense?


  2. loved all the songs in this movie

  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Hi! Eroteme!

    A wonderful concept..."Salon".
    Never been to one in the real sense...but been to many parisian salons which the writers took me to...this virtual salon of your's should do for now

    More later
    Plz take care



  4. Dear Anon-N,
    Of course you make sense. Those lines never made sense to me. They always seemed to reveal new interpretations but never a singular one. I think that is the genius of Gulzar sahab.

    Dear R,
    Likewise... :-)

    Dear Anon-U,
    I don't get it. Did you or didn't you visit a salon!? :-o You are ever-welcome here... :-)

  5. coffee sounds good. well the rough idea is the moon is in the sky and sort of fancies the lake which is far away. the lake has the reflection but its so f distorted. nothing moon can do. its frustrated. and wants to say f it. i quit. crudely put but basic story behind story :P

  6. Dear Eroteme,

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Never quite imagined that your writing transcends the boundaries of the technicalities of different languages too!

    Here's one more:
    " Tasveer banai hai par aks nahi milta, dil ki kitab ko koi shaks nahi milta, firte rehte hai vo zamanne ki talaash mein, bas hamare liye hi unhe waqt nahi milta"

  7. If we are talking dialogues in a song, there is nothing to beat this one from Kinara, starring Dharam, hema and Jeetu.

    Its called Ek hi khwab..sung by Bhupendar and Hema..Written by Gulzar!!

    Ek Hii Kvaab Ka_Ii Baar Dekhaa Hai Mai.N Ne
    Tuune Saa.Dii Me.N U.ras Lii Hai Merii Chaabhiyaa.N Ghar Kii

    Aur Chalii Aayii Hai Bas Yuu.Nhii Meraa Haath Paka.D Kar
    Ek Hii Kvaab Ka_Ii Baar ...


    Mez Par Phuul Sajaate Hue Dekhaa Hai Ka_Ii Baar
    Aur Bistar Se Ka_Ii Baar Jagaayaa Hai Tujhako
    Chalate Phirate Tere Kadamo.N Kii Voh Aahat Bhii Sunii Hai
    Ek Hii Kvaab Ka_Ii Baar ...

    Kyo.N? Chitthii Hai Yaa Kavitaa?

    Hemaa: Abhii Tak To Kavitaa Hai
    Laa La Laa La Hmmmmm

    Bhupindar: Gunagunaatii Hu_Ii Nikalii Hai Nahaa Kar Jab Bhii
    Aur? Apane Bhiige Hue Baalo.N Se Tapakataa Paanii
    Mere Chehare Pe Chhitak Detii Hai Tuu Tiku Kii Bachchii
    Ek Hii Kvaab Ka_Ii Baar ...

    Taash Ke Patto.N Pe La.Datii Hai Kabhii Kabhii Khel Me.N Mujhase
    Aur Kabhii La.Datii Bhii Hai Aise Ke Bas Khel Rahii Hai Mujhse
    Aur Aagosh Me.N Nanhe Ko Liye

    Hemaa: ## Will You Shut Up? ##

    Dono.N: Laa La La Laa ...
    Both Laugh

    Aur Jaanatii Ho Tiku, Jab Tumhaaraa Ye Kvaab Dekhaa Thaa,
    Apane Bistar Pe Mai.N Us Vaqt Pa.Daa Jaag Rahaa Thaa


  8. Pingu6:53 PM

    Nice post..
    I agree about that one special person that every artist looks upto and waits for approval from..

  9. Dear M,
    I do dabble with a few things, but don't have the discipline to stick with anything with a compulsion that leaves me on my toes, arms swinging, tipping the line of obsession or scholarly seriousness... :-) Those lines are beautiful. You composed them? :-)

    Dear M-Savitha,
    Welcome to this blog. Firstly, let me thank you for being kind enough to type the lyrics of the song here. Mighty kind of you.
    The song you mention is interesting as far as the conversation/dialogue is concerned, but don't you think that the ones in Aandhi seem to focus more on the music and song and only tease us with a sweet sip's worth of dialogue? Hence, I tend to prefer the songs from Aandhi, although the song you point to (and a few songs, both old and new) are interesting. The songs in Aandhi seem to have found the perfect marriage between lyrics (which are simply too beautiful), music (which are fine) and the interlude of dialogue. :-)

    Dear P,

  10. Yes, I do agree. Songs of Aandhi are really lovely.. My favourite is Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahin..


  11. No.. I didn't compose those lines. I had beautiful shayaris stored in my mobile.. this was just one of them.. me and shayaris?!! i struggle writing normal stuff only :-)

  12. so much tenderness in the lines, in the fact that you posted these..

  13. Parvati12:40 AM

    To listen to the whole dialogue spoken even better than Sk and SS, with the tender intonations of a beloved one is the only thing that surpasses the beauty of reading it as a post here.

    # Reading modern love stories written in a "whatever" attitude has truly dulled the sensibilities of today's world to the deliberation, the finesse and the delicacy of moments in an Aandhi, Kaagaz ke Phool or Pyaasa or the peculiar stories and scenes in Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam.

    # Fetching - this blog and its contents :-)

  14. Dear M-S,

    Dear M,
    Do put them up on your blog... :-)

    Dear S,
    :-) Earlier movies and conversations were replete with tenderness...

    Dear P,
    Modern love stories are more focused on the kissing and presentation bit! :-( I could forever listen to the dialogues and soft sweet innuendoes of the yesteryears... :-) Glad this blog engages you.

  15. "Tere Binaa Rahaa jaaye naa"...

    I find this song THE MOST ROMANTICALLY EROTIC song...

    Listen to this song keeping in mind the 9th Class biology lectures and you shall see what I mean!

    More later..

    You are hereby BOOKMARKED!!!


  16. OOOOPS ::: "Tere Bina JIYAA Jaaye Naa..."

  17. i have always loved this song, but i didn't know it began with this dialogue... it's just beautifulllllllll... fell in love with it.. totally. :)