Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sri Rama Navami

Om Daasarathaya Vidmahe, Sita Vallabhaya Dheemahi, Thanno Ramachandra Prachodayaath


  1. Thanks very much for that... I really miss the colours of India here and the temples and temple sounds, smells and that special feeling of festivals..


  2. i really dunno wat Ramnavami means?!?

  3. Parvati5:40 PM

    Aaah! A feast for the eyes, as it is too for the soul that is flaming high to the Divine in prayer and worship. Thank you!

  4. Dear M,
    Yes, the entire treat for the senses is something that cannot be captured in words... :-)

    Dear S,
    Sri Rama is a Hindu god who was a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Since, he was a human being, he was born on a particular day of the month. Since the calendar prevalent in those days was the luni-solar calendar, his birth was marked as the Navami thithi (or 9th day) of the bright half of the lunar cycle in the month of Chaitra or Panguni (as it is known amongst Tamilians). Hence, Rama-Navami. Helped? :-)

    Dear P,
    :-) Glad you liked it.

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hi! Eroteme!

    Lord Rama in all His magnificience...

    was listening to some renditions of The Pancharatna kritis [by Sri.Maharajapuram Santhanam]
    that day...and the one depicting his ecstacy on finding Lord Rama in "Kanugontini" moved me.

    Just sharing...



    Btw would love to see your sketches of wooden articles ..are you a designer too?!

  6. Dear Anon-U,
    Haven't heard that but thanks a tonne for sharing. :-) I will upload my sketches some day... Am I a designer? I love designing stuff (jewellery, furniture, software, etc.) but does that make me a designer? Not sure, hence, no. :-)