Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lover's Clasp

There hasn't been a day -
And comets have passed since -
I felt happy in the arms of another.
Now there is no warmth I love
Though I lay in the arms of loneliness.

With a loving heart
Like a well used hearth
I wait for that smile
That is meant for me
And that shant pass;
But years have passed
And so have mistaken love
While I lay in the arms of loneliness.

Each day sharpens the
Barbs of black hope
Which I tighten around my waist
Lest the feebly wanting garb
Of mine, slip to reveal the nakedness
Wanton in the arms of loneliness.

I yearn for the butterfly caress Aaj ka din meri ummeed ka hai aakhri din...
Of a lady who shall call me hers
While I whisper into her hair
That she is mine.
But all I get each lovely
Taunting morn, is the sliding
Cotton of a towel from around my waist
And leaving me there
Ugly and reflected
Ugly in the mirror too.
No one to see this solo tango.
No one to reassuringly sigh
While I dance in the arms of loneliness.

Won't you cry for me
If you can't be by my side?
What is now mine,
Would have once been yours
Till one passing soul
Is poverty best forgotten?
Is the single thump of an
Aberrant heart in a suffocating night
Best not recalled?
Why lie and say I am happy
And in best company
In the arms of loneliness?

Another year shall pass -
Another smile shall too.
The spikes of hope shall
Dig deeper to lick shameless blood.
And every day will light my
Hours with a threnody
And an empty duet.
A single tear rolls down
The narrow end of my eye.
Onto the arms of loneliness.

What use be such life?
Even the waves recede
While I walk amongst the rocks.
Oh, yes! I have thought of it
Many a time, so don't waste
A suggestion on me.
But do you know how
To kill the living-dead
Breathing in the arms of loneliness?


  1. Pingu2:35 PM

    Loneliness hurts..

  2. you express yourself poetically, a great talent.

  3. I yearn for the butterfly caress
    Of a lady who shall call me hers

    Can you ever be yourself
    If you belong to someone else?

  4. Dear P,
    I suppose it does... :-)

    Dear S,
    Merci. Glad you liked this post. :-)

    Dear m,
    Well, depends on how you define "self". It also depends on how you define "belong". Most importantly, the question would be relevant to those who wish to be themselves at the loss of a togetherness that they feel in losing their self. I am just a street musician... :-)

  5. Powerful. Beautiful! Felt like I was living in a dream for a few minutes..:)..Loved the phrase, "solo tango"

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I loved the phrase "single thump of an aberant heart" As in, wow! thump-thump became just thump! wow! in the arms oflnliness Nice. Came her coz a friend recmmd. Keep writing.


  7. Dear AV,
    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it. :-) Powerful? Hmmm! Never thought of it that way. Glad you liked the phrase!

    Dear Anon-M-L-,
    Just to copy your word: Wow! I am glad you liked that line. And yes, that was the intended meaning (hmmm, you seem to be either really sharp or have spent a long time on this post), which I was sure would be missed more often than spotted. Where the normal "da-dhak" forms the rhythm of the average person, a single "dhak"/thump is what characterises this lonely man... A loneliness so ingrained that it even transforms his heart into an aberrant (two "r"s) one. Glad you stopped by, though a name (yours and/or your friend's) would help. :-)

  8. Parvati6:12 PM

    This poem grows on one on repeated reading.
    "Is poverty best forgotten?" is my favourite thought in the poem. I suppose others' poverty doesn't even credit any place in our memory or our present ...