Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

And a year is about to be born Dear Reader,
Thanks for reading with me. Before I proceed with the next installment of Vaahana Samhita, I thought I should wish you and your loved ones a very very happy and prosperous new year 2007. (Warning: What follows is banter)
Frankly, I never quite get to understand the hype that surrounds 00:00 hrs of the 1st of January. Our folks would stay up and watch TV or participate in the celebrations that were conducted in the colony, but I would be sleeping away. I like to start a year, fresh.
Friends of mine told me that whatever one does at 00:00 hrs 1st Jan. they will be doing that throughout the year (damn! where is Carmen Electra when you need her?). I really don't spend a whole year sleeping. But if you believe in that and it works for you, then I wish you spend every minute (ok, maybe not every minute) in happiness and success (come on! share some with me). Now this means that you should be working hard and hugging your spouse/mate at 00:00 hrs. Best of luck!! :-)
I wish I could spend it writing or reading, but I think old habits die hard! ;-) So, please don't expect anything new from me (except maybe a new dream). The posts would be new, of course. Hope you find enough stuff worth reading on this blog in the coming year as well... :-)

Would love it if you could spare a few minutes to drop a comment here...


  1. Wishing you a great year ahead. I'm not one for resolutions etc but I do like staying awake to see the new year in .. don't know why, after all It's just another date right.

    Keep writing, it's always nice to escape here.

  2. Wishing you a very happy new year..:). May the year ahead be full of joys and pleasant surprises!

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too :)

  4. Let the creativity flow on - :)

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    happy new year, i am silent visitor to your blog... learnt many informations frm this blog... i think long back u hv praised the songs of purandaradasa songs sung by balamurali... loved it and all abt JK.... coz many things were like my father's views.... loved the post on room to read... if time permits do mail me...
    love ur didi
    rajikannan, cochin --

  6. Dear S,
    Thanks... Glad this place is your retreat! :-)

    Dear P,
    :-) Wish more of that for you!

    Dear Anon-S,
    Thanks for stopping by...

    Dear S,
    Hope so too... :-)

    Dear Anon-R,
    Why silent so long? :-) Nevertheless, glad you left a comment here. Glad you liked the posts you mentioned. Please help me here; is it "love, ur didi" or an instruction as "love ur didi"? I can't love my didi any more than I do now! :-D She's already spoilt. And how can you be certain that you c/would be didi to me? What if I am way older than you? :-)

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    dear E,
    sorry some mistakes there... it was badrachala kritis n love, ur didi.... and i am sure i will be elder to u.... can u mail me... so can stay in touch with mails....
    ur didi