Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who decides?

I am not sure whether a year should end on a good or bad note. Frankly, to me, it doesn't matter because the year is a fictitious entity whereas what happens in this world stays.

Saddam Hussein is dead.

I have nothing for him, but I would like to look at some data (unverified).

1. Khmer Rouge: Was Pol Pot hanged to death? Was the US as determined to see him hanged or were they busy eliminating all traces of their involvement?

2. Massacre of the Afghans: Who should be hanged here? The then Russian president? Or Mr. Carter for also participating in the war to ensure that communism doesn't spread? Or all of them?

3. Tibetan Genocide: So who is going to be hanged here?

4. Bosnian Genocide: Are we going to say that we would have hanged Milosevic, hadn't he died earlier to a less dramatic cause?

5. Iraq war: So why did US really invade Iraq? Awwww, really? Once more, remind me why! So where were those weapons of mass destruction or mass hallucination, Mr. Bush? Read more... And for all the US versus Russia talk, here is a comparison.

6. Rwandan Genocide: Why only life imprisonment for Kambanda? Shouldn't we hang him given that this genocide was the most unprecedented?

7. East Timor Genocide: I don't think many people heard about this one. Neither had I till I started collecting details about genocides wordlwide. Who are we going to hang here, Mr. Bush?

Enough said. I don't even want to talk about the East Pakistan genocide lest this seem like an India versus Pakistan post. Saddam should pay for the crimes he committed, but I would be stupid to think that the system of trials in this world are for the sake of cleansing this Earth. Trials are created only where the Empire is not to be affected. I can't believe that the world with all its globalisation crap has come to this, that a handful of people decide whom to try and how.

It is most disappointing to know that some people can get away with their crimes but those who commit crimes against a few powerful countries will be chased till hell seems rosier. The US took Saddam personally and went about ruining their country and killing thousands of civilians in order to get this one man hanged. If they had cared about justice, they would have done the same in all the situations that I have mentioned and more. I would have granted decency to Saddam's trial and execution had other dictators and killers received similar fair and just treatment. He just didn't have many bigwigs supporting him to pull him out of this mess.

Does the US or this god-forsaken world really care about justice? Isn't there a more decent and civilised way of ensuring that justice be delivered? Can governments (esp. the powerful ones like the US) stop training armies and delivering arms and drugs to other countries? Don't look away, Mr. Bush. I am talking to you.

I am ashamed of this world and myself. So let me wish all of you a very happy new year. May there be more years of shame and stupidity and may the powerful nations become more powerful. Bottoms Up.


  1. Parvati4:08 PM

    Might is right. Didn't you know that? Of what relevance is our ravings about the injustice of it all? Poor Iraq. Poor Kuwait. Poor Human Beings. And when a new Most-Powerful-Country emerges, it will be Poor USA. Poor Bush. Until then, posts such as yours will abound.

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Not been here for a the delayed wishes

    Here's Wishing YOU whatever you wish for in 2007 !!

    An excellent post from you.
    Yes, Saddam is dead ...but that doesn't alter the state the World is in.

    Why don't people realize that WE ARE ALL Together on this planet Earth?

    Just now making my friends sign the Darfur Petition [my New Year resolution for 2007 ] :(


  3. Dear P,
    True... like in the movie Hero, what Broken Sword paints on the scroll...

    Dear Anon-U,
    Wish you a great new year too. You seem to have been busy. I don't think people will ever realise that. Its like the fish who wanted to show how great it was by burning up the oceans, and... Well, send me your Darfur petition. Is it a hardcopy?