Friday, April 07, 2006

And now I reveal the plan

A long while ago, this blog had featured a post which then seemed like just another tag-post sequence. Frankly, I didn't concretely know why I was starting it, but I just felt that it was going to be a trend for something that nagged me at the back of my head. Many people thought that it was pointless, and maybe they were right.

The day before yesterday I read this article in the newspaper. Maybe what I started in Oct. has some meaning now. Unfortunately, it was death by neglect... :-(

For some strange reason I believed that a book would grow out of it. That it would be the first (at least one of the 1st) book to be published in collaboration, without regard to spatial location of the authors. I wanted to give it one year and at the rate of 100 words per blogger and branching wildly, I expected a decent sized novella (or two) to spring to life. The picture in my head was clear (then). But with such a mushrooming growth, the clarity could not be sustained.

Serendipity cannot be planned as much as life.


  1. This post is another case of retrography, isn't it?
    A pity it didn't grow and develop and end where it should have...

  2. never came to me...the tag...that was the problem you know. You never made sure a branch went to the right PR person!