Sunday, April 30, 2006


Dear All,
I am off blogging for a while, and how long that might last is unknown to those I know (completely or partially, including myself). But I shant leave without telling you a story. :-)

In the plateaus, which are so called because they are level with the mountains and cannot be called the plains, of Tibet there was this young boy called Ichtang Korya. Ichtang was nearly an omen in his village; see him early in the morning and your day will be pleasant, at night the dreams are memorable at the break of dawn. Adults and girls pulled his cheeks and bullies had no heart to trouble him though they occasionally pushed him away from their path, only to watch his face turn a shade of red that evoked tears in him and guilt in their breasts. He was very obedient and his parents had least trouble in managing him. He studied fairly well in school and was scolded once for not doing his Math homework, but that was three years ago. In short, he was someone who would never make a spicy character in any novel.

But he did.

He continued to be a child while others grew around him. Initially, they found it queer, then weird. Soon they disliked his manner of living and were eager to mutate that dislike into hatred. Some even said that he wasn't like a child and some called him vile. One fine day he vanished in the Himalayas that surrounded his village. So sudden was his departure that people energised their rumours with the shock of the incident.

I am blabbering... :-D See you guys later...
Naaah! Don't get high on speculating. I just wanted to write a 2 line "bye for now" and let my fingers flow. Then I realised that it is 22:05 and I have to sleep. The story was going nowhere!! :-D or maybe it would if I let you into the next two lines of the story:

maybe later... :-)


  1. Now AK..u wanoo say Good Bye..

  2. That's a surprise decision!
    Do come back soon to blogging.

  3. hope to see u back soon... :)

  4. Hey Ichtang Korya..come back soon!

  5. come back soon; we miss your blogs.

  6. Dear S,
    Not really! ;-)

    Dear P,
    I think I am back...

    Dear B,
    :-) I am...

    Dear L,
    hahahaha :-D The only similarity between Ichtang and I ends in the fact that we headed to the mountains! ;-p

    Dear AW,
    :-) I am ...