Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On Becoming...

Life as we know it, our daily life, is a process of becoming. I am poor and I act with an end in view, which is to become rich. I am ugly and I want to become beautiful. Therefore my life is a process of becoming something. The will to be is the will to become, at different levels of consciousness, in different states, in which there is challenge, response, naming and recording. Now, this becoming is strife, this becoming is pain, it is not? It is a constant struggle: I am this, and I want to become that.

--Jiddu Krishnamurthy

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  1. Parvati6:34 PM

    Actually, depending on individual natures "the becoming" tends to be a struggle or a breeze. The work will be there - for example, in a barren patch of land, I might want a lush garden of exotic and difficult to grow flowers. Now this becoming of a garden could be a struggle, a pain and an irritation to the lazy person because for him any movement forward or backward will be an away from his preferred zero-effort state; whereas, a person who has a sense of beauty in him, who has an understanding of and a sense of what enriching a give situation / state of affairs to a better one, on every level of consciousness means, he would find it a very pleasant project to develop the garden.

    Let us remember and note that the effort involved in both the cases is the same. But the natures make the same effort a horror and a struggle in one case, and a pleasant and joyous journey in the other. JK should have realised it when he wrote that and spoken about the finer aspects of becoming too.