Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Destiny vs Technology

I wrote story twice today and lost it once to a power outage and another time to a god-knows-what! All I did was select the entire text within the box so that I could copy it before I hit the post button. Ctrl+C made the text disappear (no, the ctrl key was pressed, else there should have been a C in the text box).
Maybe the story was meant to stay with me....

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  1. Parvati5:49 PM

    This has happened to me lots - you can press "recover post" and you will get it back. But the problem occurs when in the selection of text, the selected part goes beyond the last full stop by even half a pixel. In which case, every thing does this disappearing act. So select text to the exact point of the last full stop. And then do the copying etc.