Saturday, February 05, 2005

I am done...

I wanted to write more about last Saturday's events as well as the fun and toil I had on Sunday, but the need and urgency has ebbed away...
What was really wonderful about those 2 days?

1. Hriday: A compilation of compositions by Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute and percussions). Brilliant collection. Must buy. Definitely must hear.
2. A friend I met for the first time. We spoke about a lot of things. Had a wonderful time in a office and personal accessories (where they sell watches, pens, etc.) shop. Spent a considerable amount of time discussing her future career plans.
3. A reunion of friends at a friend's function.
4. Curiosity and the flutter in the eyes of a few kids. Aaah, to be a kid again.
4.5. A disturbed night at a friend's relative's place.
5. The flight to Pune and the incessant quarrels of an aged couple sitting behind me. I was planning on making an entire post out of their conversation which I, then, had dutifully recorded on a paper napkin, much to the surprise of the air hostess and my companion beside me.
6. My work and my disappointment in not being able to meet a friend of mine, who had changed plans in the last minute. She called to apologise and then got angry and put down the phone. Wait wait wait. Wasn't I supposed to be the one angry?? God save me from women.
7. Hot vada pav.
8. The trip back and a wonderful conversation with my colleague.
9. Back home and a headache as I hadn't slept properly for 2 nights!


  1. Should not "2) become 1)"?

    [Ok this is bad even by my standards :-)]

  2. :-))

    God alone save you. By chronology, yes, point 2 should be in the position of point 1 (see? longer sentences do remove a lot of ambiguity.). I simply wrote them in the order in which I remembered. I was listening to Hriday then, and it took precedence over the rest. Actually I was thinking of making the post about the collection and it turned out as something else...

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    That weekend is still afresh in my memories.. When we travelled(courtesy : TVS Scooty) from Spencers to valasaravakkam, and then back to Triplicane, for that was where the D-Day celebrations were due next day. And that night, the world had witnessed the master of all 'Assumptions', I suppose. When we assumed we would have a peaceful sleep(but the sleep itself was in pieces) that we went to the house of the kind old gentleman, only to get disturbed by an army of woman who stormed into the house at 4-am!, to get Mrs.Bajji ready for the function. That was when you assumed I was sleeping(who said so?;-)), and I assumed you were sleeping(and all of them assumed both of us were sleeping!), when we didnt move an inch here or there lest they wake us up for the shooting!(for we were cameraman;-)). Hey, we were great actors! Did we miss the Oscars:-)? ...................KAR,Madras